Andrew Dice Clay

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(WEB)pick_diceSun, July 28

Now introducing, fighting out of the red corner; a man who’s loud and proud and will never be afraid to back down. Standing as the undisputed heavyweight king of comedy. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, it’s Andrew . . . Dice . . . Clay! This guy will stop at nothing to get a laugh. What more would you expect from someone who proudly flaunts the title of, “America’s most controversial and outrageous comic of all time.” Here’s a little bit of the dish on the Dice-man: Back in his early days, he starred in a few films like Pretty in Pink, Dice Rules, One Night at McCool’s and most notably, he played the lead role in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. He’s also been on TV shows like Diff’rent StrokesHoward Stern On Demand and Entourage. I’ll bet you didn’t know that he is also the only performer that’s ever been banned from MTV—for life. That’s no easy feat to achieve, but he managed to attain that glorious title by releasing the album, DICE, with a parental advisory sticker that simply reads, “Warning: This Album is Offensive.” It all worked out in the end though because almost immediately after being banned, he recorded his next comedy album with Rick Rubin (the same guy that’s had a hand in producing half the rock music on your iPod) in a small club in New York. The man is Indestructible and he wants to show you that he’s still got it.

M15 Concert Bar and Grill, 9022 Pulsar Ct., Corona, (951) 200-4465; 7pm. $28-$45.


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