The King and I

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It’s hard to imagine how disconnected different cultures used to be from one another before the age of information. We take for granted the ease of tapping into the customs and ways of different countries around the world from the comfort of our living rooms. There was once a time when you depended on real people to bring languages and histories to faraway lands. A story of this sort, taking place in 1862—well before Google or Facebook—is The King and I. This tale is about a widowed schoolteacher named Anna Leonowens who traveled to Bangkok, Siam as a contracted schoolteacher for the King’s royal family. As a polygamist, the king has dozens of children and multiple wives, all of whom Ms. Leonowens is teaching English to, which is just one of the King’s many efforts to bring Siam into modern times. However, many of her honest teachings seem to make the king uncomfortable. He’s shocked to see Anna teaching the children how small their land is on a world map. Lady Thiang, the King’s head wife, alerts Anna that the British may take over the kingdom because they believe his ways are barbaric. Will the king prove the naysayers wrong and allow Anna to continue her teachings? Come witness this romantic and absurd love story as Anna and the King learn to respect each other’s very different traditions and values, while enjoying a hot meal at this dinner theatre.

Candlelight Pavilion, 455 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont, (909) 626-1254; $25-$68. 


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