The Slightlys

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Young and talented—that’s the best way to describe The Slightlys. For kids who are coming straight out of their high school years, they create songs that are far beyond their age. The guys claim the music to be “unapologetically catchy,” and that’s the right way to describe the band’s sound. As if being talented musicians wasn’t enough, they also have a built-in string section from its classically trained members to give some songs a powerful change in tone. It is influenced by bands like The Beatles, The White Stripes, The Strokes, the Arctic Monkeys, Green Day and many others. The sound is mature and polished and a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t always so upbeat, and the band recently had to change its name. It was called Hollow Point Eyes because of the lyrics, “I’ve got a bullet proof heart/You’ve got a hollow point smile,” by My Chemical Romance. The concept they envisioned was that if your heart was bulletproof, a hollow point smile would be the only thing strong enough to pierce it. With all of the recent tragedies in Newton, Connecticut and all around the world, that name shifted meaning for them that became something more tragic and painful. The name had to be changed because every time they heard it, it would bring back memories of sadness and heartache. The Slightlys was a more suitable name they settled on that follows this mellow band that is sweetly intoxicating.

Playing with Finish Ticket, Verdoux and Half & Half at The Wire, 247 N. Second Ave., Upland, (909) 985-9466; 7pm. $10.


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