The 7 Day Stretch

Posted July 11, 2013 in The 7 Day Stretch


Looking to add a little hitch to your step? You’ll get plenty of that at this new country bar in Norco. Complete with horse stalls for those who just mosey by, it’s your typical country line dancing bar. Learn the easy (and sometimes complex) dance steps from professional Julie Mattox. Soon enough you’ll be tush pushin’ and badonkadonkin’ your way into the country life.

7pm. Free. Water Wheel Saloon, 980 6th St., Norco, (951) 898-4630;




Performance doesn’t get a lot of publicity nowadays. Once every six months we see ballet or perhaps some art-mixed-with-contortionist show roll through town, but this dance company mixes many different dances styles with ribbon dancing. From the traditional court dances of ancient China to modern dance moves, these dancers have found a unique niche that the IE has yet to see.

Redlands Bowl, 25 Grant St., Redlands, (909) 793-7316;




Agent Orange may be a touchy subject for causing birth defects in your family because your great-grandfather was exposed to the dangerous chemical during the Vietnam War—but we’re not referring to such a devastating history. We’re excited that the band Agent Orange making its way to the IE! Agent Orange was one of the first bands to infuse Southern California’s surf style with the trending punk rock edge back in 1979, meaning that they’ve been rockin’ the stage for over 30 years now. These guys are sure to keep the crowd’s adrenaline pumping with stage diving and circle pits roaring out of control. They truly bring a presence that is nothing short of chemical warfare. These musicians are punk to the core—though you can’t deny their heavy metal and surf rock influences. With countless shows under their belt and more performing experience than most bands could ever hope for, Agent Orange coined the meaning of a power trio—all three members master their instruments while simultaneously contributing to vocals. Come check them out in San Bernardino while they play your favorites like “El Dorado” and “This House is Haunted.”

Playing with DI, Whitekaps, The Walking Toxins, Soto St. and Section 242 at Stingers Bar & Nightclub, 194 W. Club Center Dr., San Bernardino, (909) 872-0308; 6pm. $12.




The evening wind of our hot California days often carry the tunes of live music during the summer—listen closely and you might hear the jazz and classical music of the Claremont Symphony Orchestra in the next breeze. It’s a volunteer-based community orchestra that’s no stranger to 60 years’ worth of non-profit performances and the show is as free as the air you breathe.

5:30pm-7:30pm. Free. Ganesha Park, 1575 N. White Ave., Pomona, (909) 621-9707.




The Storm is hoping to rain down on the Giants in a game that’s considered Americas favorite past time. Unfortunately it’s not the San Francisco Giants, only the San Jose Giants (because this is AAA baseball). That won’t stop the competition from being intense though. They also have the added fun of Thunder and Jackpot, mascots to keep you entertained.

6:05pm. The Diamond, 500 Diamond Dr., Lake Elsinore, (951) 245-4487;




The upper-crust of Victorian society has some rules to follow—be respectful, get married and fulfill your social obligations. That doesn’t mean you should follow it though. This play watches two men who avoid their duties by spinning a web of lies and deceit to win the hearts of their true loves. Chaos and calamity ensues in a play that’s “trivial comedy for serious people.”

Opens Tues, July 16. Shows: July 26. Aug. 1, 4, 10, 14, 20. Redlands Theatre Festival, 1352 Prospect Dr., Redlands, (909) 792-0562;




Booze, blues and tattoos—that’s a tradition that makes rock ‘n’ roll, rock ‘n’ roll. And no one does it better than the seasoned veterans of Powerflex 5. This band makes music with a mixture of punk, blues and rockabilly with a funky/surfy twist that will have you groovin’ all night. Plus, you get to see Corey Miller work on his other favorite skins.

California State University San Bernardino, Coussoulis Arena, 5500 University Pkwy., San Bernardino, (909) 537-7360;


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