Savor the Moment

By Ashley Bennett

Posted July 17, 2013 in Web Only
_Bite Me LogoThey say the economy is getting better. Housing projects have begun construction again like Jurupa Valley which has just approved a lot reserved for houses near my home. I’m okay with the opportunity for people to buy homes in favor of enjoying the calm, empty field or lovely sunsets over the 15 freeway. We’ve also seen a recent explosion of new restaurants open  lately, especially in Rancho Cucamonga and Riverside, but unfortunately the economy isn’t  fully healed. Not yet.

Early this year, the world cuisine restaurant Ra Pour in Rancho Cucamonga saw  its demise. The closure of Espericueta’s Rock N Tacos in Norco broke my heart—I have yet to find a taco that tastes as good as it did there. It’s been announced that Riverside’s one-year-old Mexican restaurant, Mazz Bar and Grill, has closed as of July 13. Lastly, Stene’s Southern Kitchen in Rialto, the home of bomb mac-n-cheese, homemade hot wings and a German Chocolate Cake that’s in such high demand that it’s hardly ever available, will be closing its doors as of July 26. At least the heads-up will allow me to get one last taste of the delicious food there. (I noticed the info regarding Mazz and Stene’s recent closure through the Facebook page of an amazing food critic, Allan Borgen. Check him out here.)

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of restaurant closures in the last year, let alone since the economy first plummeted. Of course, there’s always hope that a new restaurant will fill those spaces, giving us the possibility of a new place to try. But it doesn’t make the sadness in our stomachs go away. Perhaps it might teach us that when it comes to the fleeting presence of good food, we need to savor the moment and every single bite.

Is there a special restaurant that will always lie in your heart? Share those amazing memories with us!


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