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By Allan Borgen

Posted August 1, 2013 in Eats

(WEB)eatsTake-out Chinese food has got nothin’ on Rancho’s China Point

My love for Chinese food goes back to childhood when my parents would take me and my brother out each week to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Since then, I have been hooked on Chinese food—however, finding Chinese restaurants that are consistent and exciting can be a difficult task. One restaurant that ranks very high in quality and authenticity of their Chinese food is China Point in Rancho Cucamonga.

This small family owned restaurant is located in a small strip center and is clean and simply decorated. The menu features an exciting array of Mandarin & Szechwan dishes that rank amongst the best in the Inland Valley.

Before I get into the food, be sure to understand that each dish is carefully prepared to order, and that no shortcuts are used. Nothing is hand breaded ahead of time, the homemade noodles are made when an order is made and if the dish does not meet the high standards of the chef, he will not serve the dish. This can lead to problems if you are in a hurry and expect lightning-fast Chinese food being thrown at you as many other inferior Chinese restaurants often do. Dining at China Point is a pleasurable experience and great tasting food takes time to make.

With that said, let’s talk food. On my first pass of the menu, I ordered the handmade Jumbo Fried Dumplings ($7.95), Mongolian Beef ($10.95) and the popular Walnut Shrimp ($16.95).

The dumplings featured six huge, plump homemade wonton skins stuffed with a delicious mixture of cabbage, chicken, pork, squash and green onions served with a tangy soy dipping sauce. I have had many dumplings and these are the best I’ve ever had (these dumplings take about 20-minutes to make so be prepared for a wait). Unlike most other renditions of Mongolian Beef, this tasty dish featured a large portion of tender slices of beef sautéed with chili pods and onions with a nicely spiced soy sauce. Although simple, I loved the assertive zesty flavor of the beef. Many restaurants feature Honey Walnut Shrimp but they don’t come close to the version served here! Imagine a larger-than-life portion of big succulent sweet shrimp that are lightly battered, fried and wok’ed with a fantastic sweet honey flavored sauce along with great crunchy sweet honey walnuts. The sauce does have some mayo in it but the honey is the star attraction. This is one of many dishes you really must try!

As good as these the above dishes were, the best dish was yet to come, the incredible Hot Szechwan Eggplant ($8..95). This world-class dish consisted of a gigantic portion of deep-fried breaded Chinese Eggplant with a wonderful tangy chili vinegar sauce. I promise you will get a food orgasm after tasting and devouring this dish!

Two dishes that go extremely well with all entrees include the popular Original Fried Rice ($9.95), with beef, shrimp, chicken, imitation Krab, calamari, a scrambled egg, peanuts and chili peppers and the House Special Pan Fried Noodles ($11.95), handmade noodles that are fried until crisp and topped with carrots, zucchini, baby corn, broccoli, shitake mushrooms, cabbage, Chinese pea pods, chicken, imitation krab, shrimp and sliced beef that was wok’ed with a tasty light soy gravy.

Other dishes that deserve your attention are the Fried Shrimp with Hot Spicy Sweet Chili Sauce ($14.95) and the Kung Pao Chicken ($9.95), pieces of chicken, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, peanuts and chili pods with a flavorful and oh-so-spicy kung pao oyster sauce.

In closing, the Inland Valley has lots of great small restaurants like China Point and in upcoming reviews, I will be sharing with you some of my favorites that I am sure you and your family and friends will love. Happy Eating!

China Point, 9028 Archibald Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 466-8766. Tues-Fri, 11am-10pm. Sat-Sun, Noon-10pm. Price Range: $7.95-$16.95. AE, D, MC, V.

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