Largemouth Bastards

Posted August 22, 2013 in Music
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MEMBERS: Clint Johnson (vocals/acoustic guitar), Brian “Boozehound” Johnson (vocals/guitar), George Vine (upright bass), Richard “Gunshow” Conklin (drums), Matthew Leeroy Morefield (mandolin/four string banjo) and Josh Camacho (banjo/harmonica/slide guitar).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: “From the SGV to the heart of IE.”

KINDRED SPIRITS: Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Jake Burns, Joe Strummer, Shane MacGowan, Ian MacKaye, Paul Fenech and Minor Threat.

UPCOMING RELEASES: Tennessee 7 (October 1, 2013).


FREQUENTS: The front porch of a Fontucky home.

(WEB)botwCalling all fans of rockabilly, country, punk, bluegrass and rock ‘n’ roll—Largemouth Bastards is here with a genre of music that’ll lift your spirits and keep you tapping your feet to an upbeat tempo. These guys perform songs with a sound that you’ll not only love, but find yourself wondering if you’ve heard them somewhere before. Maybe it’s the hometown feel-good energy of their songs, like what we found with our personal favorite track “Simple Man.” Come check them out live and there’s only a few options of how you’ll express your enjoyment for the life-inspired tunes . . . their “high-energy punk rock vibe” will cause you to either sing, dance or pit to the music.

What’s the story behind your band name?

Clint Johnson: Before my band Dead Enderz, our banjo player went fishing, and he caught some ugly looking largemouth bass—and came back saying, “That would be a pretty rad band name.” The idea stuck with me over the years, and when I decided to start a new project, it just made sense.

Tell Us About Your Songwriting Process.

Johnson: Usually it just comes out through jamming. Sometimes while I’m at work a tune or lyric will pop into my head, and so I don’t forget it—I’ll hum it or sing it into my phone. So, if I come up with lyrics first, depending on the subject matter, I’ll try and convey those emotions into the music. But if it’s the music first, whatever that music makes me feel, the lyrics will just flow naturally. I personally get most creative when I’m alone, but my cousin Boozehound and I sometimes collaborate to finalize the songs or add an extra verse here and there.

What can fans expect from a live Largemouth Bastards performance?

Johnson: We’re a band that when you come see us, you forget about your problems—no politics or religion involved, you let loose and just have a good time.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Johnson: Most of you who read this will probably think to yourself, ‘Hmm. A new band called Largemouth Bastards.’ Sure, the name and the music is fairly new, but we’ve come a long journey down the road called the Misguided and some of us struggled up a hill called Dead Enderz . . . So we’ve put in our dues on these bumpy roads we’ve traveled. Many bands have come and gone, but for some reason we’ve all stuck together. We aren’t a band that’s just thrown together by some record company or just a band of musicians, but [we are] a band of brothers. That goes to show that we’re not in this for the fame and fortune, but simply put, for the love of the music. So come out to one of our shows with an open mind and open ears to enjoy some good ‘ol (but new) American music.

Largemouth Bastards at Characters Sports Bar, 276 E. First St., Pomona, (909) 622-9070; Sat, Aug. 24. 6PM. 21 and over. $10.


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