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MEMBERS: Ike de la Torre (vocals), Casey Goldberg (guitar), Marc Polanco (guitar), Drew Smith (bass) and Damien de la Torre (drums).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: We are all spread out from Pasadena to San Gabriel and Azusa.

KINDERED SPIRITS: Descendents, Bad Religion, Against Me!, Minor Threat, Gallows . . . the list goes on.

RECENT RELEASES: Raptors (Sept. 2013).

WEBSITES: www.facebook.com/rptrs, www.instagram.com/raptorsofficial and www.youtube.com/rptrsofficial.

FREQUENTS: Aladdin Jr. (Pomona).

(WEB)botwThe band Raptors will tear you apart with its aggressive style of music that provides a much needed punch to the throat in today’s generic, watered down and homogenized music scene. It’s known for unleashing an intense live show that’s both explosive and entertaining, and Dying Scene (a haven for online news that’s created for the punks, by the punks) described the bands new release as, “Fast and lean with teeth and claws to spare . . . Describing Raptors sound is to straddle two very different time periods, with the early days of hardcore meshing with the new.” The self-titled debut album was produced by Paul Miner (whose work includes New Found Glory, Terror, Nerve Agents and Thrice), and it captures the pure and raw sound that will excite any fan that is looking for an up-and-coming band with a great sound.

How did you get involved in music/how did your band form?

The band started with two brothers who just wanted to play music together. Damien de la Torre and Ike de la Torre are brothers. The rest of the guys just fell perfectly into place.

How would you describe your sound to someone that’s never heard you before?

Heavy rock ‘n’ roll mixed with pure punk rock.

What’s the inspiration behind the new album?

The new album is our first debut full length, so the inspiration behind it was to make a statement and separate ourselves from everything else out right now.

I hear your new video was done by Shan Dan (the director of some Black Veil Brides videos), how was that?

Well, that was obviously not the reason why we chose who we did. We chose him because he is a very talented individual that was excited about the project. He did an amazing job, and we are very happy with how it came out.

What are some of your favorite artists that you’ve shared the stage with?

The Casualties, Gallows, The Adicts, Riverboat Gamblers, The Sparring and Suffer Along.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

We are playing a show at Bridgetown D.I.Y. in La Puente on Sept. 27.
Anything else you would like us to know?

Our self titled full length Raptors will be available everywhere, Sept. 3. Look for it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and at www.hottopic.com. You can also watch the new video for our single, “Final Bomb,” at www.youtube.com/rptrsofficial.

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