“Chasing Daylight: Phillip Latimer Dike 1927-1943”

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Phillip Latimer Dike was described as a shy and private man. His meek demeanor, however, couldn’t remotely halt the artistic innovations he was destined to make. As a vital member of the California Watercolor Society, his involvement sky-rocketed his name into the forefront of the art form. Dike’s creative activity took place in a pinnacle point for the nation, his peak years occurring between the 1930s and 1940s. It was in the midst of political, social, economical, musical, as well transformative artistic changes, that he somehow found time to become a valued contributor and innovator to the newly emerging “California Style” of watercolor painting. His expertise managed to take him, a man with a passive disposition, on a whirlwind adventure through the United States and Europe, showcasing his artistic abilities and sharing with them a pioneering approach to the art form all together. “Chasing Daylight: Phillip Latimer Dike 1927-1943” will be showing more than 50 paintings from the late great Dike. The exhibit promises to be a visually stimulating experience—the dramatic use of bold and opposing colors in his paintings give the landscapes a certain depth. Dike’s many captured scenes showcase his personal impressions of the New York life in the late 1920s, as well as his travels in and out of Europe and beyond.

The Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, 251 E. 11th St., Claremont, (909) 607-4690; www.rcwg.scrippscollege.edu. Various Times. Free.


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