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Music should evoke a feeling in you. When you hear a song, it should bring back memories and transport you to a different time and place, even if it’s just for the few brief minutes for which the song lasts. The band Northern Faces strives to attain this goal and describes the story of inception as going a little something like this: “It all started after a few too many drinks and an exchange of words that should have never happened . . . but thank god it did!” After a few drinks the creativity was flowing, and unlike how most drunken nights turn out, this one actually paid off. The band signed with Equal Vision Records and made an E.P. the solitary way. It rented a cabin somewhere in Vermont in order to avoid technology and the distractions of life. Away from it all is where they were able to think and let the songs come to form. The goal was not to create a hit album that would blow up; it was to make music that evokes something in you. The band doesn’t care what kind of reaction you provide, just that there is a reaction. Any shade of the emotional spectrum can be tapped into and if you’re affected by the sounds in some way, the band feels like it’s doing something right. The music does feel organic and Northern Faces likes being in Southern Places. It has toured with The Kooks, Electric Guest, Civil Twilight, Futurebirds and you can catch it touring with the RX Bandits in our version of a southern place.

The Glasshouse, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; 7:30pm. $20-$25.


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