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The band Fleetwood Mac is a classic act with the reigning queen of rock ‘n’ roll fronting the band. Stevie Nicks is one of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” (according to Rolling Stone) and if you’ve heard her voice, you know why. Bella Donna may not be the queen herself, but she looks, acts and sounds just like the real thing.

7:30pm. $22. The Box, 3635 Market St., Riverside, (951) 826-2427;




Age 15 can be a trying age for adolescent lives—where parents rule and independence seem to exist in blatant opposition to one another. It’s a time where youth is constantly slipping away, and there’s an intrinsic need for teens to take advantage of the freedom from responsibilities before their lives are tied down to a set schedule—ultimately suggesting a final free-for-all to do anything they please . . . before they miss their opportunity. Although every adult is guilty of eventually allowing this to slip away, we are still fascinated by the apparent secret lives of the American teenager, which is what inspired filmmaker Tim Sutton to direct Pavilion. In this film, Max moves from his lush, picturesque lakeside hometown to the dry and cruel deserts of Arizona’s suburbia, where he is transported into an unknown land with summer nights that provide endless opportunities for self exploration and escapades. Whether Max is riding his bike with a gang of friends through the quiet streets of his new town or messing around with sparklers in the dark night, there is always an air of adventure circling him. This movie provides something that we have all experienced but seems to escape us as we rush to grow older—which broods of that mysterious time in our lives. Awarded as Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the CineVegas Film Festival in 2009, this picture is a must-see at its local screening.

Thru Sat, Aug 3. 7pm. $3. UCR ARTSblock, 3824 Main St., Riverside, (951) 827-4787;




A night to benefit the dA Center for the Arts goes beyond raising money; it also raises awareness. Clockwork Queer is a group that is dedicated to revitalizing the queer underground through music, art and writings. Be there to pick up the second issue of CQ Zine and also see L’ile Pika, Palm Reader, Gossimer, The No No’s and more perform.

7pm. $15. dA Center for the Arts, 252-D S. Main St., Pomona, (909) 397-9716;




If you find yourself on the hunt for some entertainment of the equestrian variety you may be pretty excited to know Chino Hills offers up five All Breed Horse Shows yearly. The McCoy Equestrian Center welcomes viewers to come watch as the show stallions gallantly strut in a variety of performance competitions—all completely free of charge to the viewing public.

9am. McCoy Equestrian & Recreation Center, 14280 Peyton Dr., Chino Hills, (909) 548-0868.




The Mission Inn Foundation and Museum will be unveiling a brand new exhibit spotlighting Riverside’s beloved Mt. Rubidoux. “A Commuity’s Love Affair with a Mountain” will examine the relationship the local community has built with the natural landmark, as well as discussing its value and importance for the visitors that have enjoyed its presence for well over 100 years.

Thru Oct. 20. The Mission Inn Museum, 3696 Main St., Riverside, (951) 788-9556;




Huayucaltia, a musical ensemble with quite the unique pallete, mesh the vibrant sounds of Andean, Afro-Peuvian, jazz, rock, flamenco and even a few classical influences to make for a completely original music experience for the audience. Playing on indigenous as well as contemporary instruments, you are certain to hear a distinctive melody or two you’ve yet to come across.

Redlands Bowl, 25 Grant St., Redlands, (909) 793-7316;




Jordan Pease’s comical style is simply no laughing matter. The hugely talented, and equally bold comedian comes with a bit more than an “in your face” demeanor when he steps on stage. Shocking crowds nationally with his dirty renditions of hysterical topics, Pease has an arsenal of punch lines waiting to be released. Don’t miss out on the shenanigans!

8pm. $10. Flapper Comedy Club, 532 W 1st St., Unit 218, Claremont, (818) 845-9721;


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