The 7 Day Stretch

Posted August 22, 2013 in The 7 Day Stretch


Don’t get too excited, this isn’t the kind of book you’re thinking about . . . Adult Books is a band that hits the perfect sweet spot between punk and pop that is guaranteed to make people smile. The guitars are sloppy, the drums are fast and the melodies will go in and out of your brain so fast it’ll make your head spin.

7:30PM. Rhino Records, 235 Yale Ave., Claremont, (909) 626-7774;




Pomona is known for its rich art scene, but has it always been so vibrant and full of talent? The annual summer arts festival answers that by once again bringing something delectable to the table. 10 artists working in a diverse range of media interpret the meaning of abundance and fruitfulness in a personal way. Feast your eyes on the fruits of their labor.

Thru Aug. 31. Gallery hours: Fri-Sun, 12pm-4pm. 57 Underground, 300-C S. Thomas St., Pomona, (909) 397-0218;




Do you feel that? Your adrenaline is slowly being fueled as your anticipation for the race ahead grows. You can sense the gasoline start to pump through your veins and that can only mean one thing . . . its race time! Once you hear the sound of motors revving, you’ll forget the hours you spent sitting under the scorching SoCal sun. This is the final round of the prestigious Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. It’s sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing and it’s sure to bring some great competition in the sport. This event is nicely nestled in an area that has always been a hotbed of talent for the motocross industry—some of world’s best riders will be there competing for the coveted title. After the intense dirt-slinging action has settled down, you’ll get the chance to meet with riders in the interactive Sponsor Village. Walk around, enjoy the food and booze—maybe meet some fellow mototcross fanatics along the way. In addition to the ticket price, Red Bull wants to show you how much it appreciates you. All fans with a ticket will receive a 12-issue subscription to the The Red Bulletin, Red Bull’s own magazine, on the house. Get ready to experience more motocross action you can handle.

12:30pm. Tickets $15-$250. Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, 31919 Cereal St., Lake Elsinore;




This comedian is a household name that doesn’t need much of an introduction. It doesn’t matter if he’s grinding laughs out on the small screen with Saturday Night Live and Rules of Engagement or tickling your funny bone with silver screen success in Grown Ups or Tommy Boy, he will deliver more than a few laughs.

7pm. $40. Ontario Improv, 4555 Mills Cir., Ontario, (909) 484-5411;




Go ahead, take a Monday evening to yourself. Why not go cheer for our locals at the Lake Elsinore Diamond, affectionately referred to as Storm Stadium? For a minor league team, the Lake Elsinore Storm sure pack a major blow. Only one way to see what we mean. Check them out as they go up against Modesto’s minor leaguers, the Nuts.

6:05pm. The Diamond, 500 Diamond Dr., Lake Elsinore, (951) 245-4487;




UCR’s Artsblock is offering up a unique series chronicling the moments of a woman who feverishly photographed herself throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. In “Zoe Crosher: The Further Disbanding Of Michelle Dubois” the artist puts her own twist on the photos, recontextualizing them and transforming them into a new piece of work. Brushing past an island of morbidity, the images become the tale of a woman that once was.

Thru Nov. 9. Gallery hours: Tues-Sat, 12pm-5pm. UCR/California Museum Of Photography, 3824 Main St., Riverside, (951) 784-3686;




Sean Penn and Tim Roberts team up to star in a sobering drama directed by Clint Eastood, based on Dennis Lehane’s classic film, Mystic River. The award winning film will be showcased on the big screen. Feel free to bring a snack, a blanket and enjoy the free feature film.

6:30pm. Free. The Audotirum, UCR Palm Desert, 75080 Frank Sinatra Dr., Palm Desert.


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