Crown Toyota’s Burritos

By Ashley Bennett

Posted August 14, 2013 in Web Only

_Bite Me LogoMost of my car dealership memories are of rundown, cramped waiting rooms with only vending machines and old coffee. Of course since then, many dealerships realized that people get less irritable when they have something to eat and something to watch while waiting. Make us couch potatoes and we temporarily forget the inconvenience, right?

A year or two ago, the “John Elway’s Crown Toyota” dealership in Ontario went through a revamp. In a matter of months the place had completely changed. The entrance looked nicer, entrance lanes for drivers were organized by appointment and non-appointment for easy consultation and drop off . . . but best of all was the expansion of a large lounge with two TVs, surrounded by large comfy chairs—and a cafe. Eh, I’ve found food in weirder places before.

I’m one of those early morning people, so you’ll see me trying to make appointments for 8am because 1.) I don’t want to have wasted my whole day there and 2.) They have free wifi, which means with my phone, tablet or laptop there are unlimited ways to entertain myself. Time to start watching The Orange is the New Black or that new season of Arrested Development.

John Elway’s Cafe offers a simple two-sided menu with plenty of the basics: eggs, bagels, sandwiches, burgers etc. From 7am-11am it’s breakfast, and for me that always means one things: breakfast burritos.

John Elway's Cafe (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

John Elway’s Cafe (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

Without fail, this delicious meal arrives too hot to bite into. I break apart the two halves, letting it cool down while I munch on some freshly grilled home-style potatoes. Once the burrito has cooled, I get an equal mouthful of crispy bacon, scrambled eggs mixed with gooey American cheese and hearty potatoes bites. With a side of salsa to give it an extra boost of flavor, I’m suddenly not so irritated to sit and wait for my car’s two hour maintenance.

John Elway's Cafe (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

John Elway’s Cafe (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

I’m not pushing my opinion on Toyota cars here, nor a recommendation that you have to buy one to order from this lovely little cafe. Hell if you’re not a customer, you probably shouldn’t be there in the first place—but if you’re into breakfast burritos, this is definitely the place to check out.

John Elway’s Cafe at John Elway’s Crown Toyota, 1201 Kettering Dr., Ontario, (877) 387-5376;


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