Ex-Ontario Worker Embezzles $3.1 Million

by Derek Obregon

Posted August 30, 2013 in Web Only

We all wish for that dream job that will pay us millions of dollars for doing very little work, but who actually has that dream come true? Not too many of us; but, some feel the need to take the money, regardless of whether they earned it or not. A 57-year-old Lakewood man named Conrad “Tracy” Maglaque Enriquez is suspected of stealing more many than many of us are likely to see in a lifetime. The grand total being more than $3.1 million!

Enriquez has dual citizenship in both the United States and the Philippines and police say he flew to Manila in January. They are unsure if he has since returned to the United States. Ontario officer Natalie Kopperud said, “We’re looking for any leads to locate him.”

Enriquez had worked for J.R. Controls, a company that specializes in electrical automations & controls (electrical panel design, pneumatic circuit design, motion control, industrial maintenance services and more). He worked for J.R. Controls from 2003 until he was fired in 2012 when the company had to restructure itself due to financial difficulties. He worked as the controller of the company, which meant Mr. Enriquez was the sole overseer of the company’s finances.

The company had no idea about the funny business that was going on right under its nose. It only discovered they had been bamboozled once a new controller was hired and the numbers didn’t add up.

After a financial review, the company found that more than 169 checks were written to Enriquez from April 2004 until he was terminated, totaling $3,155,717, police said.

A majority of the money was sent to the Philippines National Bank Remittance Center. Police have said that the Department of Homeland Security found records of Enriquez flying to Manila, but that is about it. He has a Philippines passport, but it may have a different name on it because Homeland Security officials have been unsuccessful in locating a Pilipino passport with Enriquez’s name on it.

In February, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office filed a complaint against Enriquez, charging him with grand theft, embezzlement and forgery. There is a $6 million warrant out for his arrest.

If Enriquez is in fact hiding out abroad, officials would have to take legal steps to return him to the U.S. “If we were able to locate him, an extradition case would have to be filed and an extradition warrant filed because he does have dual citizenship,” Kopperud said.


*If you have any information on the whereabouts of Enriquez, you are urged to call detective Brian Hurst at (909) 395-2872 or email him at bhurst@ontariopolice.org.

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