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Posted September 26, 2013 in Eats

(WEB)eatsMill Creek in Redlands delivers a menu that’s covered in BBQ

Nestled in a small center just off the California Street in Redlands (you know, across from Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom) is one of my favorite BBQ restaurants: the Mill Creek Cattle Company. Now, you may be familiar with the larger, culinary-diversified restaurant in Mentone by the same name. However, this smaller restaurant offers many of the same terrific dishes as the mother restaurant does with large portions to feast upon at reasonable prices.

Mill Creek offers an outstanding array of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are both delicious and unique. For breakfast, treat your taste buds to the The Smokehouse Omelet ($6.99). This creative meal consists of a three large egg-omelet that’s stuffed with grilled onions, bell peppers, cheddar and jack cheese and your choice of meats (such as succulent tri-tip, pulled pork or brisket). The omelet is then finished off with an ample amount of BBQ sauce, extra cheese and grilled onions. The plate is served with fantastically crispy-fried Cowboy Taters, fresh fruit and your choice of coffee, orange juice or milk. Talk about a terrific start to the day!

The Stuffed French Toast, Huevos Rancheros, the spicy hot Chilaquiles and house breakfast burritos are all great breakfast choices too.

Compared to its breakfast, Mill Creek’s lunch and dinner offerings are just as tempting. The BBQ Quesadilla ($6.99), which consists of a tortilla stuffed with grilled onions, your choice of meats, cheddar and pepper jack cheese and peppers is a tasty twist on your average cheesy meal. The larger than life half-pound Spicy Link Sandwich ($6.99), which sports two spicy links that are sliced in half, grilled and served on a large freshly made bun topped and with grilled onions and peppers, BBQ sauce, cheddar and pepper jack cheese and a choice of sides—it’s a mouthful, and makes for an outstanding sandwich.

Other items worth ordering is the hearty 28-ounce bowl of Homemade Chili ($5.99) made with New Mexico chilies and served with a corn muffin, cheese and onions. Perhaps the magnificent and juicy half-pound Brewster Burger ($5.45) is your hearty meal of choice. Or the eye popping “real deal” Turkey Sandwich ($6.49) with ample sliced smoked turkey covered with avocado, bacon strips, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo served on a homemade bun. The moist turkey has a nice, delicate and smoky overtone which adds to the success of the sandwich.

If you like BBQ spareribs, Mill Creek’s half Rack of St. Louis Pork Ribs will delight your taste buds. Six meaty ribs arrive tender, with a nice citrus wood-smoked flavor and, when paired up with a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, the ribs electrify the senses with satisfaction. This plate is only $12.99 and comes with one large or two small side dishes.

Although it’s hard to imagine diners not having already chosen their dish of choice from the experiences above, try a variety with the Triple Treat BBQ Platter ($12.45). Slices of juicy smoked tri-tip, brisket and pulled pork along with a choice of two sides. For those of you who who just want to “Pig Out,” the huge, hefty and messy half-pound Chili Dog ($4.99), smothered with their zesty chili, onions and cheese, will surely hit the spot—especially when paired with one of Mill Creek’s many cold beers.

The truly hungering diners will find solice in the Bucket of Ribs ($34.99), which features one full rack of spare ribs, one whole chicken, one quart of beans, one quart of potato salad, four corn on the cobs and four corn muffins. This can easily feed three to four hungry people, just keep in mind that it’s only available for takeout.

Whether you dine in or have your food catered at your next party or event, Mill Creek is definitely a great dining choice, and best of all, affordable.

Mill Creek Cattle Company, 2087 Orange Tree Ln., Redlands, (909) 798-5757; D, MC, V.

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