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Members: Manny Sanchez (drums/percussion/lead vocals), Sarven Manguiat (guitars/keyboards/vocals) and Ronnie Sanchez (bass/vocals)

Cities of origin: Ontario and Montclair.

Kindred Spirits: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Duke Ellington and The Beatles.

Recent releases: GrooveSession LIVE album and DVD


Frequents: The Mitten in Redlands every first Thursday of the month.

(WEB)BOTWThe rock trio GrooveSession is accustomed to performing its eclectic “movin’ groovin’” sets around the Midwest, but it had been a while since the Ontario natives brought their music back to their hometown. After becoming friends at Montclair High School, brothers Manny and Ronnie Sanchez paired with Sarven Maguiat, forming a multi-genre sound that pulls from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duke Ellington and even The Beatles—creating a distinctive genre all their own. The “bare feet” band loves performing in front of a crowd and has brought back its undeniably smooth sound to the Inland Empire.

When did you guys start making music?

Ronnie Sanchez: We didn’t actually form a band until 2008 or 2009. Manny and I are brothers, and we met Sarven when we were in a different [band]. We all went to Montclair High School, and one day after school we were all hanging out and needed some time to play together, and soon after we started writing and haven’t stopped since. Our guitar player actually is an LVN so we pulled him away from that about three years ago. Now we are all working as full-time musicians.

How would you describe your sound to someone that’s never heard your music before?

Sanchez: We originally called it a moovin’ groovin’ music. It can be a progressive rock, it can be a funk or jam . . . we’re getting into our folk Americana side also. Our band is transforming in a lot of different ways through different genres.

Any current albums/EPs you have out that you’re promoting?

Sanchez: Yes, we have our GrooveSession LIVE CD and DVD that we recorded in San Diego. You can purchase it on iTunes or CD Baby through our Reverbnation site.

How has your experience been performing in your hometown in the IE?

Sanchez: It’s been really cool, it’s been a lot of our local friends at our shows. We never take our time to play around our local area—we hadn’t been to Riverside in a while so that was great. Dale Bros. was raging and a lot of fun.


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