What Hands Are For

By Kim Johnson

Posted September 26, 2013 in Music
Members: Daniel Baeza (vocals), Jonathan Gilcrest (bass/backing vocals), Kenny Gilcrest (guitar), AJ Salazar (drums) and Tino Baldenegro (guitar).

Cities of Origin: San Bernardino

Kindred Spirits: Refused, At the Drive In, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, The Kinison and The Blood Brothers.

Recent Releases: Loud Ass (2007) and Please Believe Me (2011).

Websites: www.facebook.com/whathandsarefor  

Frequents: The Glass House (Pomona) and The Vibe (Riverside).

(WEB)botwWhile formal intros are regular occurrences in the Weekly’s Band of the Week features, San Bernardino collective What Hands Are For has been doing a damn good job at introducing itself to the local and global music scene, all on its own. Ever since forming in 2006, this band has released a regular work flow of singles, albums and EPs that show the musical, mental and lyrical progression needed to shape a band pursuing longevity. These guys are calculating game plans, making moves and offering up anthems that outline their experience as they grow and master their craft. With new music on the way, this would be a pretty good time to start taking notice. Check them out as they explain what they’ve been up to, and what they have in store.

So, how was D.I.Y Fest?

Daniel Baeza: It was awesome. There isn’t anything better than playing music with people that you grew up with. It felt like a family gathering where we could take turns showing off.

What exactly is End of Summer Fest (EOSF), and how’d you guys get involved?

Baeza: The EOSF, like D.I.Y. FEST, is a gathering of local musicians, artists, clothing companies, designers, etc . . . Coming together to share our art and strengthen our bond through networking. We were asked by EOSF to be a part of this event; we are extremely honored and grateful.

Are there any other IE musicians you’d like to tell us about?

Baeza: Faimkills, Spirit Fangs, KDNPRS, Black Cloud Music—they are all amazing artists that are getting a lot of attention right now.

How would you describe your live sets in 5 words?

Baeza: Emotional, Godly, Raw, Explosive, Beautiful.

We hear your song “We Love the Knife Light” had some air time on MTV, that’s pretty cool.

Baeza: Yeah! We totally forgot we made a publishing deal and we were confused when people were tweeting WHAF about hearing that song on MTV. It was a pretty cool feeling. I hear they have used multiple songs from Please Believe Me on that same show.

Are you guys currently writing?

Baeza: Yeah, we are currently mixing and mastering our Latest EP, Tried. It has been a struggle to get it out there, but it’s coming together very nicely.

Anything else we should know?

Baeza: Tried, our latest EP, should be released within this year and it is our best work to date. It’s darker and more self-deprecating than previous work because it stays honest to what we have put ourselves through this past year (depression, heartbreak, drug addiction, feeling lost and lack of motivation). Tried is less refined/produced [than] our other work and at times is uncomfortable to listen [to], but we are putting a lot of personal things on display for our friends and fans. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem—Tried is our public admission to this. We hope you enjoy. (Kim Johnson)

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