Colbie Caillat’s personality and music shines “brighter than the sun”

By Aida Solomon

Posted September 26, 2013 in Music
26onlinecontentCOLBIE CAILLAT (2)Colbie Caillat is known for her sweet voice and hit singles “Bubbly” and “Brighter than the Sun,” although the songbird has been quiet musically—until now. After taking a long break from her career, Colbie Caillat is back with an upcoming album and several performances around California, including one right here in the IE.

Set to perform at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside this Friday, Caillat shared her excitement with the Weekly about being on stage after her long hiatus. “I haven’t played real shows in a while, I had a long break so I’m excited to get back, especially have a show in California.”

Caillat says that she has a full band set up to make her Riverside show an unforgettable one for her fans, many who have been eagerly awaiting to her new music. With a new album set for the spring, Caillat says that the Riverside audience will get a little preview of some possible singles.

While this performance is one out of only a handful of concerts which Caillat performed over the summer, it’s still a departure from the rather normal routine the singer had become accustomed to. “It’s been really nice to have some time off and live at home, and do normal things every day and then a couple times a month travel and do shows,” says Caillat. Including a show in Greece with Jason Mraz (not too bad, right?)

However, it seems that Callait’s recent stint at the O.C. Fair reminded her of just 26onlinecontentCOLBIE CAILLAT (1)how much she missed performing, leading to the anticipation of her upcoming tour. Her latest album came to birth after she decided to use an effective way to close herself off from the outside world—she rented a beachouse in Malibu for two months and just created music. “My friend Jason who I would write songs with my sister and her husband, my best friend who is also my assistant and make-up artist, we all moved into this house together. There was no distractions, I got to work on this record for two months and it came out beautifully. It was a really wonderful experience.”

The experience was especially rewarding as her last record All of You was recorded in-between a busy tour schedule, with Caillat singing over tracks that her producers and musicians had already recorded over. This time, things are different. Caillat is excited about her Paul Simon-inspired work. “I was inspired by Paul Simon’s record Graceland. He went to African and had all of these African musicians and singers play on the album, and you can’t help but dance and move. It’s really fun and summery and happy.”

Caillat also shares that the folk wave vibe was also the root behind her new music, which she wrote and co-wrote herself. “I’ve always been a songwriter that’s how I got my start.” You can relate to your fans, tell stories, it’s like personal therapy and it ends up being therapy to everyone else when they hear it and can relate to it one way or another”.

As much as Caillat enjoys writing her own material, it can be a challenge when it comes to performing brand new tracks for her audience. “When I perform ‘Bubbly’ or ‘Brighter than the Sun’ everyone is dancing along singing, they know every word. When I play new songs everyone is more attentive, they are really paying attention. It makes you, as a performer, a little more self-confident because they are not moving as much. I have to remember that they are taking it in and think too much into it.”

Even more than performing new material, Caillat reveals that has battled with stage fright in the past, even with her performing her hit singles. “My stage coach told me to look in a mirror and tell yourself 5 things you like about yourself to build your confidence. I tried to remind myself to do that but a lot of times I forget [laughs].”

Whether performing everyone’s favorite singles or previewing new material, Caillat admits that she loves performing and connecting with her fans, relishing in the reactions from the audience. We must say that we are glad to have Caillat back, and can’t wait to here more of her new music, set to release a new single by next month.

Colbie Caillat at the Fox Performing Arts Center, 2801 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 779-9804; Fri, Sept. 27. 8pm. $53.75-$108.70.

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