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Street photography is a prevalent form of photojournalism, showcasing the world through an artist’s lens. Using a Leica M4, Garry Winogrand sporadically clicked the shudder release on his camera while briefly looking through his viewfinder, creating image after image of everyday life. As one of photography’s most cherished contributors, Winogrand was capable of capturing the world with precision and grace. “Confessions*” of a Male Chauvinist Pig, is a reanalysis of Winogrand’s 1975 book Women are Beautiful, asking viewers to reconsider underlying context of the work. Black and white potraits of women in the 1960s—walking down busy streets, relaxing in the sun or laughing drunkenly in a nightclub, Winogrand’s images create a sense of appreciation along with obsession. Thematically formatted, the exhibition guides viewers through different stages of social feminism, creating a timeline of how women integrated themselves into society intellectually while expectations of being mother and housewife hovered over like a grey cloud. Plenty of confrontational expressions are on the faces of female subjects in the series, as if victimized by the photographer and his camera, while others are unknowingly photographed revealing a rather perverse perspective. Like all art, Winogrand’s photos can be interpreted as more than a man’s view on feminism and his quest to hold women in societal confines. Beautifully composed, the images offer a range of aesthetic mastered by very few. Don’t miss your chance to view the master’s work. (Victoria Banegas)

California Museum of Photography, UCR ARTSBlock, 3824 Main St., Riverside, (951) 827-4787; artsblock.ucr.edu.


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