Sweet Victory

By Ashley Bennett

Posted September 11, 2013 in Web Only

_Bite Me LogoCompared to the nightly Farmers Market in Redlands, the morning market is much smaller. But with a soft-voiced acoustic musician easing people in the mind to eat healthy, it’s a great to start to an early Saturday. Good fruit and goods that are grown locally populate the booths, alongside one noteworthy bakery.

At Sugarbird Desserts’ booth it’s a temptation of the best kind—sweets for breakfast! Sugarbird has no store front and they don’t do special orders or delivery (although they seem to be open to catering every once in a while). They do however appear every Saturday morning; bringing true meaning to “the early bird gets the worm.” Even with an increase in baked goods, they sell so fast that waking up past 9am might leave you disappointed. With quick glance at photos on Sugarbird’s website or a few of my own shots below, you’ll be very disappointed that you didn’t get one of the famed and fast-selling treats. I felt pretty victorious for picking up treats one morning when the booth’s offerings were dwindling fast.

For a hearty breakfast, I had one of the breakfast pies: a Bacon Cheddar Chive Scone. Normally it would be best to warm it up in an oven or microwave but as it sat in the heat made it mildy warm. Thick and crunchy at the same time left a powerful mix of bacon and cheddar cheese to roll around on my tastebuds. If Redlands weren’t so far away, I’d pick one of these up every weekend.

Sugarbird Dessert (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

Sugarbird Dessert (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

However there’s no arguing that the main selling item is Sugarbird Desserts’ Cinnamon Roll, a treat that never skips a weekend (or at least making an appearance before quickly selling out). For the record, your neighborhood Cinnabon has got nothin’ on this item. It’s an extremely moist mix of cake and cinnamon with a sweet cream topping that’s hard to put down. Whether you decide to eat it at room temperature, with the super-sweet, slightly crunchy frosting or you choose to warm it up at home, it’s a mouth-watering dessert you don’t want to skip out on.

Sugarbird Dessert (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

Sugarbird Dessert (Photo by Ashley Bennett)

Every Sat, 8am-11am. Sugarbird Desserts, www.sugarbirddesserts.com.


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