“Truly” Worth It

By Ashley Bennett

Posted September 25, 2013 in Web Only
_Bite Me LogoI’ve always wanted to wear a bandana, hike up my pants and recreate grape stomping like that one episode from I Love Lucy. Who doesn’t? So when I heard about the Promenade’s First Annual Grape Stomp, I was excited to participate. Although Temecula is home to plenty of wineries that are holding similar events (it is the season of harvest after all), going to the Promenade sounded like great fun.33-1 Grape Stomp (7)

Naturally I wore shorts and t-shirt to avoid getting covered in the fruit (it’s no secret that wine will stain, but fresh grapes? I’m not so sure). After arriving, I found myself wildly under-dressed in the midst of various wine connoisseurs in finer clothing. Whoops, I didn’t get the memo about a dress code . I’ll admit that I was also a tad disappointed to find out that there were only three grape stomping barrels and further, required a team of four to participate in a stomping competition. Oh well, I guess I’ll relive that dream next year.33-1 Grape Stomp (9)


However the event’s catered food brightened up my mood. Aside from the tasty Hot Links from the local Lucille’s Smokehouse Barbeque, there were two carts that featured some delicate desserts: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Truly Madly Sweetly Bakeshop. Rocky Mountain can be found in many Southern California malls and although the price can deter guests, I can at least say one thing: the vanilla truffles are worth it (for chocolate addicts at least). Truly Madly Sweetly Bakeshop on the other hands is the only one of its kind, a unique storefront among food franchises. At the event Truly presented a few freshly made chocolate and strawberry flavored cheesecake, homemade chewy caramels and cookies that makes the drive out to Temecula totally worth it.

Lucille’s Smokehouse Barbeque, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Truly Madly Sweetly Bakeshop at the Promenade Temecula, 40820 Winchester Rd., Temecula, (951) 296-0975; www.promenadetemecula.com.


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