Posted October 3, 2013 in Feature Story
(WEB)coverIt’s time to get weird, IE. Take a note from us and let your “freak flag” fly. Miley’s doing it, Gaga always does it, Cee Lo don’t mind; Russell Brand is in—and you’re next. The IE is chock-full of awesome shops, venues, bars, restaurants, places and people—and we’re gonna lay it out for ya. The most successful, most unique and most entertaining of the Inland Empire are all right here for you. This includes any and all shenanigans. This typically involves partial if not full nudity. Drunken stupor. Outrageous spontaneity. Chanting “Let’s get weird” is a requirement, but fear not, it will be nearly painless. Next time, think twice before heading out to a faraway land to satisfy that craving for something rad—look no further—we’ve got everything you need, right here. YOU decided, YOU voted, and we support your weirdness. Just take a peek at ours . . .

BEST OF IE contributors: Victoria Banegas, Alex Bradley, Jasen Davis, Alex Distefano, Bill Gerdes, David Jenison, Kim Johnson, Ashley N., Nancy Powell, Jamie Solis, Aida Solomon, Tamara Vallejos.

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