Say True

By Derek Obregon

Posted October 10, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Donavan Foy (singer/songwriter), Gabe Rodriguez (guitar), Brandon Lancaster (guitar), Judcody Limon (bass) and Taylor Garcia (drums).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Ontario, Upland and Corona.

KINDERED SPIRITS: “There are too many to list, but some all-time favorites would have to include The Cure, early U2, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Radiohead, The Smiths and The Afghan Whigs.”

RECENT RELEASES: Monument, E.P. (June 2013).


D1editFREQUENTS: “The Wire in Upland is our home base. It’s also where the E.P. was recorded, and we’re playing there on Oct. 12.”
Say True is a phrase used in The Dark Tower series by Stephen King that inspires this band named after it. Singer/songwriter Donavan Foy loves the sound of the phrase and the implications that come with being “true.” Being true to yourself, true to others, true to your word, true to your beliefs and so on; we all should “say true” to something. So whether you’re all about honesty with others or believe that everyone should live life being who they are and without fear of judgment, you’ll find Say True’s lyrics close to your heart. This indie/rock project may have been created just to kill some time, but it quickly turned into a full-fledged band, and a force to be reckoned with.

How did you get involved in music/how did your band form?

Donavan Foy: It started as songs I was writing when I was playing drums for The Ready Aim Fire! When we broke up, I recorded the E.P. with long-time friends Dave Trautz (of The Ready Aim Fire!) and drummer Mike Jimenez (of Science Fiction Theater/Rufio).  Once it was recorded, I decided I wanted to make it into an actual band and my good friends/former band mates were kind enough to hop on board.

How would you describe your sound to someone that’s never heard you before?

Foy: I’ve gotten so many comparisons to different bands/genres/time periods that it’s kind of hard to say. I think the underlying theme of the feedback I’ve gotten [is] that it has a nostalgic, young and hopeful feel to it, regardless of who it’s being compared to.

What’s the inspiration behind the Monument E.P.?

Foy: It is kind of a concept album about being young (specifically in a small Midwest town, but also just about youth in general) and the feelings and situations of that point in your life. I (probably along with many others) was in such a rush to grow up, to move on, to get out of town that I didn’t appreciate what/who/where I was to the fullest. The Colorado National Monument is on the outskirts of the town I grew up in and as teenagers; we would go up there often. I have a lot of good memories in that particular place and I also felt like this album commemorates the emotions and events of an important part of life. I thought that “Monument” would be a good title in regard to that time as well as to the actual place.

What are some of your favorite artists you’ve shared the stage with?

Foy: This is only the second show for this band, but we’ve been lucky enough to play on shows with all bands that we are close friends with, which has been really fun. In the past, I am honored to have shared the stage with several of my musical heroes including John Nolan (of Taking Back Sunday), Mansions, PlayRadioPlay, Jim Ward (of At The Drive-In, Sparta, and Sleepercar) and Farewell Continental (Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack).

What about the IE intrigues you?

Foy: I like living here in the IE and being based out of here because it feels so much more like a small town community than one big city and its outskirts, even though it spans a huge area. The way that people act and interact is different, and I appreciate that sense of community.


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