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By Zachariah Weaver

Posted October 11, 2013 in Music
photo 1There are certain new bands we all fall in love with–and wish that everyone could here at least one song off the album at some point in their lifetime so that they too could understand what music should really sound like. Currently Echosmith, a band full of siblings from L.A., has done that very thing for me with their new song, “Cool Kids,” included on their latest album Talking Dreams, which just released Oct. 8.

The record has a total of three distinct ‘hits’ throughout its 12-track collection–noticeable from even just a first-listen approach. Taking a deeper look into what’s going on though, one can tell that this family-bound group truly knows what it is doing.

“Cool Kids,” a song they released along with a hit music video, is a tune that captures a very hip and folk-rock mesh of sounds with the genius bell/guitar tag that starts the song off just right. The chorus is one of the catchiest sing-alongs and it sort of has a tricky play-on-words with cool kids and fitting in.

One of the songs off the album  wasn’t a single release, but, in my eyes this one should be considered just as good as the the singles that were released and praised; “March Into The Sun.” It launches off with a poppy acoustic tag line and carries over into a soothing chorus sung with the whispered strength of lead vocalist, Sydney Sierota. But the bridge is what really gets me. They settle down into a half-time anthem about their march, straight into the sun. The attitude this brings about is irresistible. I almost immediately restart the song every time it ends.

Later in the album, track 10—“Nothing’s Wrong” is a tune that builds their indie credibility up and gives Echosmith a tad bit more edge. In the bridge the two brothers Jamie and Noah give a deep “uuuhhhmm” while Sydney whales a bright call-and-answer vocal over a mellow percussion breakdown. It’s a good sound to sore ears to hear all of their dynamics combined.

Signed to Warner Bros. Records with no sign of slowing down, Echosmith has seemed to bring new life to the family band idea and their direction is something of note, so keep watching. Different from many bands right now and different from their other self-releases, the sibling quartet decided to launch Talking Dreams as a listening party up prior to its official release date.

This band knows how to build the hype up around a release, and the new album, with each song receiving nearly 3,000 plays since Sept. 30, speaks for itself. Make sure to head over to their site and purchase the new album through iTunes (http://bit.ly/18xP00I)

“Cool Kids” by Echosmith


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