Hauntingly Perfect

By Derek Obregon

Posted October 4, 2013 in Music

Caught A Ghost’s lyrical genius will keep you comin’ back for more

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Reminiscent of music long past, Caught a Ghost (CAG) are some adventurous musicians that tap directly into the history and soul of America’s musical roots. The band name is derived from an old expression that blues performers used to tell each other after delivering a show-stopping performance. They would say, “Man, you caught a ghost!” because that was the one way to describe such a stellar performance. The only logical explanation was that you must have been possessed by a kick-ass spirit (or you could have just have been really talented).

Either way, CAG is a new eight-piece band that strives to catch it’s viewers’ attention at every show–and that it does. Perhaps it’s because the sound is so different from many artists today. It’s as if you took a little bit of Sam Cooke and meshed that sound with the Black Keyes and LCD Soundsystem, then threw in a pinch of Fitz and the Tantrums; then you’d be getting to the sound of CAG. This was only the second show of the new tour, but you wouldn’t have known that from the performance. There were no pre-show jitters, no mistakes or mishaps, just intense energy and enthusiasm.

Lead singer Jesse Nolan delivers perfection when he’s on stage. His vocals draw you in and keep you glued to his every move and note, and his energy is enthralling. Not only does he sing, but he also rocks out on the guitar and bangs a good beat on the floor-tom as well. Tessa Thompson brought the most energy and danced around all night. Her voice was soulful and sensual, just like her moves on stage. On the keys, Brandon Smith created a mix of sounds that made the music interesting and fun with a taste of electronica and a dash of dub step. Drummer Stephen Edelstein was spot on with his relentlessly timed beats that kept people moving (the crowd had a few audience members that couldn’t help but dance all throughout the set). They even have a trumpet player, Tim McKay, to round out its sound. How many bands have a trumpet player that can fit so perfectly into the lineup?

The song “No Sugar in My Coffee” was a hit with the crowd, and that same song also appears as the national trailer for the Season four of HBO’s hit series, Boardwalk Empire. It makes sense why it would fit into the old-time mobster domain because it does have an eerie and relaxed sound to it. That and many other songs definitely rocked the Glasshouse. CAG’s debut album will be released in early 2014, so you still have a chance to catch that ghost before everyone else does.


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