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Posted October 31, 2013 in Music
MEMBERS: Ronald Reliable (guitar/vocals) and Donald Exit (drums/bass).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Montclair and Ontario.

KINDERED SPIRITS: 13th Floor Elevators, The Mothers of Invention, Slayer, GG Allin, The Beach Boys, Hank Williams Sr. and Roy Orbison.

RECENT RELEASES: Sketchings of an Old Exit IV (March 2013) and Sketchings of an Old Exit V (June 2013).

WEBSITES: oldexit.bandcamp.com.

FREQUENTS: SPACE Art Gallery (Pomona) and The Music Boutique (Pomona).

(WEB)botwOld Exit is so confident that you’ll find its music of the highest rock ‘n’ roll quality; you can name your own price when buying the most recent record through bandcamp.com. The song “Purebread Ballerina” is a chill number you can certainly jam to, while “Cardboard Genie” reminds us of serious thrash punk. The musical range that Old Exit delivers is infused with a lot of fun, something that is evident when you see funky song names like “Soft, Soft Paper,” “I Collect My Receipts” and “Drawing On Your Body.” Formed on Halloween 2011, Old Exit is playing a show on its 2nd anniversary, which is also a free record release party. Following the release, these guys will be handing out 48 physical copies of their sixth and final volume to their collection, Sketchings of an Old Exit IV to trick-or-treaters in the area. They assure us they’re doing this for the children, bringing the youth good ol’ fashion rock ‘n’ roll—a tool that can free kids from their troubles.

How do you describe your music?

Ronald Reliable: Outlaw Psychedelic Black Pop (just kidding). It’s the kind of music where you can dance and bop back and forth at the same time. It is ritual music in a way. The lyrics are written as the scripture of rock and roll. The guitar and bass are prominent in all of the songs. The surf beat is sacred. Raw and primitive sounds.

Tell me about your song writing process.

Reliable: It all starts with the song title. If I can get a good title, imagination takes over, and paints the rest of the picture. I write down like 40 random song titles, and I usually keep three or four of them. Our songs have the verse-chorus-verse structure, so most of our numbers stay within the three minute mark. We’ve already written more than 200 songs and we’ve recorded about 60 or so. This is all we know how to do.

What can fans expect from a live Old Exit performance?

Reliable: Something that is so intriguing that you will feel like your brain is melting just witnessing it. Kind of like a religious experience. You know how when God enters the church and everyone goes insane, dancing and moving with such intense energy? Like that. I want the audience to feel dumbfounded after leaving our show. We’ve done it before.

Old Exit at The Wilderness Basin Park, Montclair, (909) 631-6977. Thurs, Oct. 31. 7PM.



    what is this


    Ronald Reliable (guitar/vocals) and Donald Exit (drums/bass).

    Performed at The Hub Bar and Lounge 11/16/13
    Great musicians! Unbelievable sound.

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