“Aztlan The Next Decade ‘Con Safos’”

By Dulce Balandran

Posted October 31, 2013 in

(WEB)pickAZTLANThru Wed, Nov. 6

October is National Latino Heritage Month and the dA Center for the Arts will have a Latino themed exhibit to celebrate. The dA is located in Pomona, which is home to a fairly large Latino population. This gallery has a strong sense of pride in its community as well, “The dA believes that art does not discriminate, and more importantly it offers a universal language for shared dialogue, which increases understanding, which is vital to empowering, transforming, healing and building communities.” For this month’s festivities the dA is hosting its 11th Annual Aztlan Exhibition entitled “Aztlan The Next Decade ‘Con Safos.’” Azltan, in Aztec mythology, is described as a “promise land” or Aztec paradise. Where this paradise was located varies by legend, but according to one account, this land was believed to be located in the northern region of Mexico and the whole southwest quarter of the United States. In keeping with the theme, the show will exhibit a variety of mixed-media and multicultural artworks including Handsome by Bonnie Lambert—a bright and colorful oil on canvas of a woman sitting by her lonesome at a counter. Another piece entitled Echo Park by Margarita Garcia is a stunning and vibrant acrylic on wood, depicting an ice cream man taking a stroll through the park. Another work Para Calmar Hambre by Sergio Hernandez is an acrylic on canvas that hints at the life of village women who spend their afternoons making tortillas. “Con Safos” translates to “with respect,” which is very fitting as this event will honor filmmaker Jesus Salvador Treviño on top of the featured works by over 40 various artists. Stop by and indulge in some cool art and rich culture.

dA Center for the Arts, 252 S Main St. #D, Pomona, (909) 397-9716; daartcenter.org, Wed-Sat 12pm-4pm. Free.


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