Beatles vs. Stones: A Musical Shoot Out

By Derek Obregon

Posted October 10, 2013 in

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For decades, there’s been one question asked by music fans that no one can seem to agree on . . . Beatles or Stones? Both bands have created numerous hit songs, both were from England and part of the British invasion, and they both changed the music game forever. I would argue that there is not a musician (or even a person alive that likes music) that hasn’t been influenced by at least one song from each one of them. Is one really better than the other? That depends on how you view the bands. The Beatles became America’s favorite band and the nation was literally swept off its feet when “Beatlemania” rolled out of Liverpool in the ‘60s. The songs were catchy and clean with harmonies that melted your heart. Its image was just as polished as its music (until the drug years brought out the Sgt. Peppers era, but even that was still pretty clean). Then you have the Rolling Stones—the bad boys of music. The Stones were pure rock ‘n’ roll mixed with a lot of sexuality. A show by the Stones would always deliver a great performance full of attitude and swagger. The only way to settle this is to make the call for yourself on which tribute band you like more, Abbey Road or Jumping Jack Flash. Let the shoot out begin.

M15 Concert Bar and Grill, 9022 Pulsar Ct., Corona, (951) 200-4465; 8pm. $15.


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