Crossroads Haunted Village

By Kimberly Johnson

Posted October 31, 2013 in

(WEB)pick_crossroadsThurs, Oct. 31

Haunted houses and spooky spectacles are just around the corner as Halloween creeps its way closer! It’s public knowledge that Halloween happens to be the best holiday of the year, right? You’d think the encouragement of identity-altering costumes and themes of enticingly frightening content would make the notion an obvious one. For those who understand the unmatched marvel of All Hallows Eve, fear not, we have just the festivities for you. For the guys and ghouls who like a bit of bite with their Halloween activities, a haunted house seems just the remedy to quench your thirst. Join Crossroads Haunted Village in celebrating the only holiday where screams replace holiday cheer and fun is measured in fear. Crossroads comes fully equipped with three top choice haunted houses including Coffin Creek Manor, The Chambers of the Mausoleum and The Labyrinth of Lost Relics. One you’ve gotten your fair share of horror at the houses, head to the Shady Hollow Hay Ride or test out the Bog of the Abyss. For the adventurous crowd looking to enjoy a bit of alchemy, there’s always the village’s newest attraction, The Pandemonium Magic Show. Stop in and check out the Magic of Michael “COOL” Rhodes as Dexion Star and some live tunes from Enchanted Realms.  A shockingly good time awaits.

Crossroads Haunted Village, 14600 Baron Dr., Corona, (951) 735-0101; Various Times.


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