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(WEB)pick_joeroganFri, Oct. 4-Sun, Oct. 6

The stunts you are about to see are extremely dangerous and should not be performed by anyone at anytime, anywhere. . . wait—no, this isn’t Fear Factor. This hit reality T.V. show that Joe Rogan was famous for hosting involved people facing their fears from heights to exotic and disgusting foods. He is also well-known for hosting his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, where he and his co-host cover a wide range of interesting topics. He also known for sharing his love for martial arts as a commentator for UFC. Rogan’s hosting career is not all that is impressive—he can kick ass as well. At the age of 19, Rogan won the U.S. Open Grand Championship for Tae Kwon Do. Beyond the stunts and martial arts, Rogan has been performing stand-up comedy for over 20 years as a top bill performer and it is common for him to sell out comedy shows both nationally and internationally. His comedic personality has been described as a “hippy stuck inside the body of a testosterone-pumped U.S. Marine.” Audiences can expect nothing short of raw honesty wrapped in his liberal comedic perspective—it is both entertaining and thought provoking as Rogan takes on topics like martial arts, fighting, family life, drugs and politics. At this show you are sure to gain intriguing new perspectives, while having good times and lots of laughter—and no one has to eat cow brains. (Dulce Balandran)

Ontario Improv Comedy Club, 4555 Mills Cir., Ontario, (909) 484-5411;; Various Times. $25. 

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