“With Strings Attached: Art in the Craft of Sound”

By Victoria Banegas

Posted October 24, 2013 in

(web)pick_stringsSun, Oct. 27

Music is essential to life, and for this reason it is widely celebrated throughout the world. With little recognition given to those whose craft is crucial to musical excellence, the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation and the Folk Music Center in Claremont have put together an extraordinary exhibition of hand crafted wooden instruments from around the world entitled “With Strings Attached: Art in the Craft of Sound.” Some pieces are from Sam Maloof, one of the world’s most esteemed woodworkers, who created modern art pieces out of furniture for decades until his passing in 2009. Maloof’s work is also featured in permanent collections at prestigious museums in America, including The Boston Museum of Art and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit also includes an international array of instruments from India, Russia and Peru, made from exotic materials and woods like armadillo, used as a back for the Peruvian Charangao. Similar to Maloof’s work, instruments featured in the exhibition are innovatively crafted with skill and precision, demonstrating how practicality was of little importance to curators. Alongside these rare gems, a unique musical display created by Sam Maloof is on display, comprised of four racks facing outward—allowing a quartet of musicians to face each other while playing. Don’t miss the final intimate musical performance that has been paired with this exhibit, with African Kora and classical guitar duo Amandou and Ryoji. Attendees will get a chance to experience the beauty, as well as sounds of masterfully created instruments.

Maloof Foundation, Jacobs Gallery, 5131 Carnelian St., Alta Loma, (909) 980-0412; www.maloofoundation.org. 1pm. $30. 


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