LOCALS ONLY: Tic Tic Boom!’s New EP is Out With a Bang

By Zachariah Weaver

Posted October 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

photo 1The unvarying electro-pop melodies that many bands seem to cycle through, over and over these days, usually all sound the same. It usually replicates “Kids” by MGMT or “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit, which–don’t get me wrong, are both great leads to be inspired by–many bands emulate. So, it’s very intriguing when a group grabs that special synth lead–one that just makes sense–from what seems to be ‘pop heaven,’ and runs with it as if it were their breakthrough anthem. And the LA-based, indie-pop rock duo, Tic Tic Boom!, consisting of Leilani Francisco and Mike DeLay, has done that and so much more with their latest single, “These Motions.”

The track opens up with a lo-fi introduction and then bursts right into the irresistible synth lead mentioned before. It resembles the mood of a party and gives the song’s ambivalent progression its happier demeanor. With both the live and electronic drums dancing around during the verse, the steady tag, “Na na na na!” sets the perfect flow following each chorus. The song is a creative mix between D.I.Y. control and poppy-perfection.

But this single is not the only release Tic Tic Boom! has up its sleeve for the time being. Already posted on their Bandcamp, a new EP, It’s the Heart That’s a Fool, is ready to lead dance parties long into the night. Even though the EP, which their single’s purpose is mainly for, is not being officially released until Oct. 8, the entire thing is available for free streaming early.

photo 3

The rest of the songs give us even a better feel for who this small indie band out of LA really is. Track three—“The Sun Will Set” mostly keeps the same electronic theme alive but they throw in a little psychedelic atmosphere sound that twists the mood of everything during the verse. Then, as if a combo like this should have been written years ago, the chorus brings in this dreamy 50s-pop “Ooo ooo ooo…” line that sends chills down your back.

One of my favorite aspects about Tic Tic Boom!’s sound is the sweet charm of Francisco’s voice. It has that pitch that other electro-pop indie band male singers try and pull off, except, they can’t really do it the same as she has done on this latest set of tunes.

My advice would be to head on over to their Bandcamp, purchase their new EP, call some friends over and set up an all night dance floor for the weekend. You won’t regret it.


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