Baker’s Dozen Donuts

By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 30, 2013 in Web Only
_Bite Me LogoYou might have missed it, but our Best Of issue came out last month. We don’t like to toot our own horn over here at the IE Weekly—but it was pretty rad. Especially the food section. Although there were a ton of winners in a variety of categories and food types, I found myself searching Corona for a donut last weekend that was not only praised as the home of the IE’s best donut shop, but also one of our few chosen eateries in our Bacon Restaurant and Food Guide.

IMG_5990editAt first glance, Baker’s Dozen Donuts gives off the vibe of a regular donut shop. A quick glance in their baked goods display case reveals your run-of-the-mill donuts, with ample chocolate bars and glaze twists to go around. As you move onward through the line though that you witness the last display case which features a variety of unique confections.

IMG_6013editI’m still unsure of what “Kronut” is supposed to mean, but the Kronut I took home tasted somewhere between a sweet donut and a crispy, flaky croissant. It’s surprisingly light, which is perfect for the donut lover who doesn’t want to feel their breakfast sitting in their stomach all day. My choice Kronut had a few delicate crispy chocolate spheres to top it off—and it wasn’t half bad at all.

But what I really came to investigate here was the infamous Maple Bacon Bar. At first, I thought that my 9am visit wasn’t early enough for a Saturday morning but luckily, just a few of these babies were left. The maple dressing is extremely sweet, but the salty crispness of the bacon layered and glued on top with more maple topping marry together two very unhealthy but totally delicious toppings. Just look at it!

IMG_6033editBaker’s Dozen Donuts, 325 S. Main St., Corona, (951) 736-7571;


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