Eat a Crunchwrap, Win a PS4

By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 2, 2013 in Web Only
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You know that feeling of self-loathing when, instead of eating healthy like you promised yourself, you caved and enjoyed some terribly tasty fast-food? Well that feeling is bound to return if you’re a hardcore gamer itching to get your hands on a new PlayStation 4.

Sony’s newest console will be released in mid-November and between now and November 10, the purchase of a $5 box at Taco Bell will net you a code that could possible win you that new-fangled console (there’s a winner every 15 minutes). Whether you’re planning on paying $400 for yourself or some other gamer in the family, it’s going to be the hot ticket this Christmas and the console is sold out everywhere: GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy have ceased preorders. So you can either plan to buy the console from Ebay for twice what it’s worth . . . or you can buy a $5 combo meal from Taco Bell. Every 15 minutes there’s a drawing and some lucky, fat American will win one of 4,416 consoles (as of the start of the game). And hey, $5 isn’t bad for three meal items (I had a crunchwrap, a burrito, a small burrito and a soda). Luckily, someone on the internet did the math—you can buy 102 boxes before you start to actual lose money. Great news, right?

If you go here you can check out the various rules of the contest. You also get two chances to get a code without  a purchase via one digital and one snail-mail awarded code—read the fine print.

At the very least if you end up pigging out on some tacos, donate $1 to the World Hunger Relief. You may not feel great about your weight but you’ll definitely feel good about helping someone else eat too.

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