Doing Halloween Right

By Victoria Banegas

Posted October 31, 2013 in Web Only


A glowing Jack O Lantern in adark mist Forest on Halloween...Doing Halloween on a strict budget can be hard; creating impressive decorations as well as a cool costume can be stressful and take all the fun out of a beloved holiday. After scouring through the choices, we learned a few tricks and tips from creative and resourceful individuals.

Costumes are the most important thing about Halloween, and of course, they must be clever and exciting. Some cheap ways to achieve this goal are to re-purpose old items and search the thrift store racks. A couple of examples include old umbrellas to make bat wings, card board for mask, props and body suits as well as craft paper and old sheets. Find a character or object you would like to emulate and get creative and crafty with these household items along with thrift store garments and wigs.

Cheap and easy decorations can be made with simple household items, use old sheets to cover your furniture as if your house has been abandoned, remove some of the furniture giving the place an empty look and sprinkle talcum powder on bookshelves and the floor to create an old dusty look. Another use for old sheets is creating floating ghosts by placing helium-filled balloons under sheets. Other cheap alternatives are of course, cotton spider webs you can find at the dollar store and tombstones made of cardboard and old foam objects.

After you have finished decorating your abode and perfecting your costume some events there are a few things you can do for free in order to show off your crafty skills. Local neighbors may be building a haunted house, you can help them out by volunteering as a scare actor or just visiting their attraction with your friends. Other possible events include family friendly trick or treat events held by various churches and businesses as well as art exhibitions featuring terrorizing artwork.

Whatever you decided to do this Halloween, try it cheap, you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.


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