Get Excited for Snow Season!

By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 10, 2013 in Web Only
stoked1-CopyLiving in the Inland Empire has many treasured benefits but one major perk is our close location to all of the best event spots in Southern California. We have access to the best beaches and mountain ranges as well as location like Disneyland, Hollywood and to an extent, Las Vegas; all of which are within a few hours of driving. The San Gabriel mountain range especially gives local snow-sport enthusiasts the chance to experience a real winter atmosphere.



Enter the Get Stoked Film Tour, which is bringing films best described as “snow porn” to the big screen. With the help of Mountain High and Level1Productions, this truly epic screening of high-quality footage is aimed to entertain like-minded enthusiasts who dream of a fresh slate of untouched snow, beckoning to be carved into with the skill of a seasoned skier or snowboarder. While the screenings are touring through a select number of theaters in Southern California (including Newport Beach, Long Beach, San Diego and Los Angeles) Riverside is the last stop.

The first screening, #Woodworth, will take the audience on a tour of the history of Mountain High, its notably “shredtastic” reputation and the resort’s exciting new Woodworth Gulch. The second, Partly Cloudy, appeals to a widespread audience with footage of extreme skiing and snowboarding recorded in a variety of locations like Utah, Alaska and Sweden. Every perspective recorded, from the bird’s-eye-view of a helicopter to the up-close shot through a fish-eye lens, ensures that fans won’t miss a single amazing feat.

For the price of a single ticket, attendees receive a two-for-one entrance and 8-hour lift ticket to Mountain High (which can be used between the screening date and Friday, December 20), a subscription to either Freeskier or Snowboard Magazine, an energy fueling bar courtesy of Cliff Bar and raffle tickets for prizes. As a bonus for adults, the theater chosen for the screening in Riverside offers beer and wine options to those 21 and older. Sit back, drink a cold brew and enjoy the chilling thrills of the 2013/2014 winter season!

Jurupa 4 Cinemasmore, 8032 Limonite Ave., Riverside, (951) 361-3163; Thurs, Oct. 24. 7pm. Online price, $16.50. At the door, $18.


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