IEW PhotoBomb: Mad Caddies @ UCR Barn

By PhotoBomber Derek Obregon

Posted October 28, 2013 in Web Only
The Mad Caddies are still keeping “it going” in the studio and live! Recently performed at UCR’s Barn, these guys brought their A game and gave a great performance. “Since we started in 1995,” explains singer Chuck Robertson, “and started touring in 1997, we’d never really taken any time off. It was kind of just tour, tour, tour, and then release a record, and tour. And after 13 years of that, everybody just needed to take a little break and kind of work on other musical projects. We kind of just took a three-year hiatus. We were still playing a handful of shows every year. But we were just kind of taking a step back. Now we’re coming back to it.”

This ska group, which also mixes in punk, swing, reggae, jazz, Latin music and even touches of polka, cow punk and even sailor songs into its unique stew, has already put a lot of time into its sixth LP. “We’ve worked a little over a year on it,” Robertson explains. “We’ve cycled through over 100 song ideas and were doing a lot of demoing in our studio. We now have a collection of about 15 or 20 songs that we’re really happy with.”

Robertson is always excited to perform live because playing gives him a rush like nothing else. “It’s a feeling only people who perform can get,” he attempts to explain. “It’s similar to catching that perfect wave or having a great run down a ski hill. The natural endorphins it produces in the body, there’s nothing like it.”


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