Watch Dog: Sexual Abuse at High School in Eastvale

By Derek Obregon

Posted October 4, 2013 in Web Only

We all know that teenagers can be a troublesome bunch, but there are some things you shouldn’t have to worry about when sending your kids to school–you should trust them, their fellow students and the institution they spend their time at. In a recent Eastvale case, two teenage boys are being accused of sexually assaulting–possibly even raping–a female student in a high school restroom. The alleged rape took place after school hours in a campus bathroom at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Students say that one of the suspects is a junior on the high school football team. The second is a sophomore that had recently been expelled for an unrelated issue. He attends Orange Grove High School in Corona. The boys are only 15 and 16 years old.

The school district reported in an earlier statement, “This is an isolated incident, but understandably raises concerns about campus safety. We are working with our students to remind them of the importance of safe behaviors.” The school may be speaking up a little too late because the damage has certainly already been done.

This may be an isolated rape case at this school in recent years, but, there is documented proof that a similar sexual assault occurred before this one from another alleged victim that has now come forward. This victim was pinned up against the wall and groped. The brother of this victim said they immediately went to the school police and filed a report after the incident happened.

Emails from the family prove that the schools on-campus deputy did document the incident on Sept. 18. After the officer took the report, that was pretty much it. There was no further mention or investigation of the incident. That’s not to say that the school didn’t take any actions, but it seems like the report was merely swept under the rug.

“I think if action was taken in the first incident, I think the second incident would not have happened,” the brother said. The brother also said his sister’s alleged attacker is the same junior football player identified by other students. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department says the first alleged attack is now under investigation as well.

Any type of unwanted sexual advancement should be taken seriously, both by the school and by the responsible parties involved. The family has now filed a formal police report and has come forward in hopes of encouraging any other potential victims to do the same. We can only hope there aren’t other victims, but if there are, perhaps it needs to be said–you should not keep quiet about abuse, and it is not okay.

Anyone with additional information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact Investigator Pabelico at the Jurupa Valley Station at (951) 955-2600.


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