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By Kimberly Johnson

Posted October 10, 2013 in Web Only

Moreno Valley rapper Stevie Crooks has just released an album of titanic proportions

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Whether Stevie Crooks is taking on the persona of his usual rap moniker or jumping into the shoes of Apollo, the 25-year-old rapper is executing his plan of attack with the type of tenacity that demands attention.

The latest addition to his accomplished discography, Born on Olympus, is a graciously offered reexamination of conceptualized story-telling—an art form that dried up with Eminem a decade before he ever got on a track with Rihanna.

While the humble Crooks isn’t one to brag about his accomplishments—a sponsorship with LRG, opening up for Wiz Khalifa, sharing the stage with Kendrick Lamar (twice) —he can, however, deliver an expertly executed album with all the factors hip hop critics fawn over, but done in only the Stevie Crooks way—suited in camo pants with his glass held high. “For the people that do follow me, they definitely know I always have concepts with my projects,” explains Crooks.

The desire to input coherent concepts into his work is just another keen example of Crooks contrast from other rappers. In a day and age where success is measured in how many singles you can drop in a week, Stevie prefers an approach that gives him the ability to bond with what he’s doing.

“For me, that’s another part of art. I like to spend time with my music. Instead of just putting it out there, I like to give people more than one reason to listen to it.”

The time and attention given to Born on Olympus is pretty apparent in its delivery. From its packaging, consisting of a “guide” mapping out exactly where Crook’s character is in in his epic journey of self-exploration, to the Nectar of the Gods drinking game, which is also included with your purchase.

But drinking games aside, the wow factor behind his cunning creation is a combination of lyricism that directly reflect the ideal theme of each song, and the delivery that Crooks fans may have been waiting to hear broken in since Cashmere Killer.

With Born on Olympus, each song chronicles the varying levels experienced in his decent from track one, “Mt. Olympus [The Birth], to his colossal return in the closing track, “LLG [Destiny].” Not surprising for anyone that’s gotten within ten feet of this kid’s ambition, the song that most closely resembles where Stevie is currently in life is played out on track five, “Cyclops [The Truth].”

“Basically, it’s the part of the story where the character makes his way to the city and people are looking at him like he doesn’t belong there. I’m showing them why I should be here by doing everything they can do, but better,” he says. “At this moment in my life, I feel like I’m at that point right now where I can do everything that these other artists are doing, plus I have something that they do not have. This is proof that I do belong. That’s what this project is right here.”

Stevie Crook’s LP Born on Olympus is available today on itunes!



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