Culinary Experimentation

By Ashley Bennett

Posted November 27, 2013 in Web Only

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It’s one thing to have a natural ability to create a fantastic meal, but for most of us it’s a chore; and during the holidays it’s stressful to boot. It’s time to stop fretting about how your crazy family perceives your holiday feasts, and start trying something new, easy and even a bit strange.

42-1 Culinary Experimentation (Cuisine R-Evolution)
We’ve only just heard about this new form of cooking but Molecule-R, a company headed by two young gourmet entrepreneurs, offers a unique product that teaches you how to have fun playing with your food. With the help of purchasable Molecular Gastronomy Kits you can learn techniques like gelification, spherification and emulsification (all FDA approved, by the way). With a bit of practice, you’re well on your way to making some odd but clearly very cool items to consume. From a caviar and boba-esque gel bubbles, jelly-spaghetti or flavored foam toppings,  this stuff is pretty damn cool!


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