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MEMBERS: Ryan Moore (guitar/vocals), Phil Small (drums/percussion), Demetri Wyman (bass) and Mando Davis (turntables).

CITY OF ORIGIN: Riverside.

KINDRED SPIRITS: Cru Jones, The Rad Team, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Atmosphere, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, The Growlers, Bad Brains, 2Pac and Too Short.

WEBSITES: www.elrobomusic.com and facebook.com/elrobomusic.

FREQUENTS: M15 Concert Bar (Corona), Wicks Brewing Company (Riverside) and Mission Tobacco Lounge (Riverside).


(WEB)botwWhile the name this week’s Band of the Week translates to “The Robbery” in Spanish, the only thing you will be robbed of with these guys is your musical boredom. El Robo’s one-of-a-kind music was enough to catch our attention—after hearing its sound we begged for these guys to be featured as our Band of the Week. (Okay, maybe we didn’t have to beg, but we certainly took the initiative to reach out to these guys after being drawn into their live performance.) Each member of El Robo grew up in a completely different scene from the other, which gives light to the origins of their vast influences of punk, ska and rap. Listing life as one of the greatest inspirations to the band, check out some of its music and you’ll be sure to hear the liveliness emulating from the instruments and vocals.

How did your band get together?

Phil Small: It’s a long story! We’re saving that story for the E! channel. Just kidding—we were all in Decibel Project together except Demetri. Then Phil, Ryan, Mando and our buddy James started a dub band called Barstow in 2007. Barstow played shows for about a year and dropped a four song demo. Then we split up because we all had issues! We kind of just reformed as EL Robo after a Decibel Project reunion show with Demetri on bass guitar, but with a much different musical approach and higher skill levels, and now [we’re] grownups this time around. Luckily we all have families that keep us grounded, focused and out of the bars.

How do you describe your music?

Small: We don’t really fit into any square, so this is a trick question for us. Every time we write new music it’s like a total switch up from what we did before. Not on purpose, but because we just want to have fun and make good music that we like; instead of being like ‘we are an alternative band, or dub, or rock, or surf rock, or hip-hop, or punk, we are all of that and more. Just whatever we feel like that day—it makes it more exciting to not know what is going to come out of a rehearsal.

What can fans expect from a live El Robo performance?

Small: They can expect an eclectic mix of styles and influence blended together without clashing to create our own type of music. To me you can’t really explain music with words. We make sure all of our songs are fun and nothing is forced. We play what we like and hope that energy translates to the audience.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Small: Keep an eye out for some new singles coming out soon (hopefully in early December) on iTunes and available to stream on our website and YouTube. We will be playing shows all around southern Cali this winter, and we are going to make some noise in spring with a full length album. We’re not holding back, we’re putting in a lot of time and effort into capturing the best of what we have to offer and just want it to translate to listeners. Thanks to everyone that has been a part of anything we have done so far.

El Robo at Pixels Bar, 3535 University Ave., (951) 683-7957. Wed, Nov. 27. 9pm. Free.

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