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Posted November 21, 2013 in Music

(WEB)musicMaps & Atlases’ Dave Davison, under the name Casts Spells, has created an enchanting solo album

Over the last several years, Dave Davison has been a busy man.  In between recording two EPs and two LPs, all to much critical acclaim, and touring relentlessly with his folk meets indie/math rock band, Maps & Atlases, Davison has also found time to record a solo EP and full length record under the name, Casts Spells. In addition, he lends his musical talents to recordings, by acts like Good Old War and Anthony Green.  Through it all, Davison continues to be an interesting, ever-evolving artist, never content with staying static and always trying to push his limits.

To round off the year, Davison will be embarking on a solo tour supporting current Circa Survive front man and former member of Saosin and The Sounds Of Animals Fighting, Anthony Green.  “When this tour came up I was really excited because Anthony is a great guy and I’ve had lots of fun touring with Circa Survive. It just seems like a really fun way to end the year and hang out with a bunch of people you like,” says Davison.

While many artists who find their initial success in the company of others onstage in bands are intimidated by the idea of taking the stage by themselves, Davison sees the bright side of the experience. “It’s a fun challenge in general,” Davison explains. “It’s kind of scary because there’s so much less sound and everything you do is at the forefront the whole time.  So it’s a little bit scarier [than playing with a band], but in a fun way.”

Where others might be a bit daunted with the type of experience playing by yourself can bring, Davison seems to thrive in the intimacy of the solo setting.  “The lack of a full band, I think, creates an environment where people feel more interactive; people sort of try to talk to me and have a conversation between songs in a way that’s fun, cool and interesting.”  Additionally, Davison seems to really enjoy the freedom of being able to go in whichever direction he chooses while onstage by himself.  “Every time I’ve played a solo show, I’ve ended up playing a song I didn’t expect to play.”

One thing’s for certain, fans of Davison and his band will have a lot to look forward to with this upcoming set of shows.  In addition to being able to watch Davison in a bit more of a subdued context, attendees will get a chance to hear a diverse set list which will cover a great deal of his work.  “I really want to mix it up and take advantage of the fact that I can play whatever I want,” Davison explains. “There are a lot of Maps & Atlases songs that we really like, but, for whatever reason, haven’t played for a while, so a lot of times I’ll play those songs, try out a new song that I just wrote, or do covers and stuff.”  Davison also hopes that as tour goes on, the artists will feel inclined to collaborate with each other live, which will lead to truly one of a kind performances. “Hopefully, the tour will evolve to where we’re all jamming together, so that will create opportunities for fun different stuff that I’m not even thinking about right now.”

Most of all the tour will give Davison the opportunity to continue growing himself and his sound. “I’m looking forward to it,” Davison explains. “You know, anytime you go into a tour, in general, it changes your perspective on playing and other things.  It’s such an interesting experience, you always kind of walk away from it with something different.”

Though there’s no firm date yet for the release of Davison’s next solo record, as he is still in the process of writing it, there’s little doubt that this tour will give him ample opportunity to bring out some new songs alongside old favorites for all to enjoy.

Dave Davison at The Glass House, 200 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Thurs, Nov. 21. 7pm. $20-$26.


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