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(WEB)pick-DANIELSat, Nov 23

Oh, Daniel Tosh . . . you tickle me in ways that no other man would be able to. I only allow it because you’re smart, funny and classy—with a bit of sassy. Well, all of that may be a slight over exaggeration of your character, but you are damn funny! You’ve made millions of us laugh at countless online videos with your surprisingly successful show, Tosh.0. How did you manage to capture the most sought after demographic by advertisers (males 18-24 years old) and become the second most watched cable TV show in just 10 short episodes? I’m sure it’s your witty, slightly nerdy and unapologetic charm that won America over. The bits on the show are both hilarious and informative with a huge rubdown of humor. Some highlights that should be checked out (in case, dear reader, you’ve been living under a rock since 2009) are the “Video Breakdown,” “Is It Racist” and the “Viewer Video of the Week.” Those are all pretty self-explanatory, but the “Web Redemption” is where you, Mr. Tosh, truly shine. A random clip of some average person failing miserably is given the opportunity to get what many online videos don’t get; a second chance. There, they succeed in a re-created scenario set up by Tosh himself. Now it’s your turn to see this funny-man perform without a camera in his face where there’s no retakes; just hilarious stand-up. (Derek Obregon)

Pechanga Resort and Casino, 45000 Pechanga Pkwy., Temecula, (951) 639-1819; www.pechanga.com. 8pm. $70-$75.


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