Man of La Macha

By Victoria Banegas

Posted November 7, 2013 in

(WEB)pick-LA-MANCHAThru Sun, Nov. 10

With social media, television and an endless amount of gadgets to keep us entertained, who has time to see a play? Instead of wasting your mental capacity browsing through photos or downloading pointless apps, engage yourself in a tale of friendship, bravery and passion. As a local favorite of the Inland Empire, Lifehouse Theater in Redlands has made it a goal to offer quality theater for all to enjoy and to get away from life’s distractions. Closing out their month long run of Man of La Mancha, Lifehouse Theater hopes to wow audiences with an intriguing story performed by a talented cast. With nothing left to lose, the play’s main character Miguel de Cervantes is thrown in a dungeon awaiting trial for wrong-doing he’s committed against the church. With dreams of being a famed playwright, one of Cervantes’ last cherished possessions is an unfinished manuscript that will be confiscated if his trial goes astray. In an attempt to save his manuscript and preserve his freedom, Cervantes proposes his defense in the form of a play. Approved by the court, Cervantes and his manservant take on the roles of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, telling a gripping tale of chivalry and the fight against all the wrong in the world. With five Tony Awards under its belt, Man of La Mancha is a legendary Broadway production that has been celebrated worldwide. You will thank yourself for getting away from your phone screen and experiencing a riveting live performance.

Lifehouse Theater, 1135 N. Church St. Redlands, (909) 355-3037;, Various Times. $14.


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