The Stanley Kramer Film Festival

By Victoria Banegas

Posted November 14, 2013 in

(WEB)pickFILMFESTFri, Nov. 15-Sun, Nov. 17

Although we have come a long way from slavery and segregation in America, social injustice and prejudice still linger in today’s society, restricting humanity from moving forward and changing the world for the better. One of America’s earliest pioneers of human equality was Stanley Kramer. He addressed issues of segregation and racism in his films, inspiring movie-goers with intelligent and strong willed characters. Unlike many filmmakers at the time, Kramer was unafraid to address social issues, and use them as a means for individuals to question their moral fiber. As an added feature to the The Palm Springs Cultural Center’s repertoire of events, The Stanley Kramer Film Festival will feature screenings of a number of his films such as The Defiant Ones and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Both films include a lead African American male who is rejected and later accepted by his caucasian counterparts, who after building a firm relationship with these characters realize that they are the same. These two films are prime examples of how Kramer addresses the issue of racism and how the power of compromise can show us that we are all equal. The film festival will showcase a total of six of Kramer’s films and will feature appearances from his daughter, Katharine Kramer and widow, Karen Sharpe Kramer. This inaugural festival will begin with an exclusive tea party with the Kramers, which will be offered for “all access pass” holders. This special event will enlighten and inform, creating a sense of unity and reminding us of the journey we must take to become better people for a better world.

Camelot Theaters, 2300 E. Baristo Rd., Palm Springs, (760) 325-6565; $13-$120.


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