Hangar 24′s Golden Brew

By Ashley Bennett

Posted November 6, 2013 in Web Only
_Bite Me LogoWe have veritable beer culture here in the IE. From new micro-breweries opening up every month to massive, full-blown brew fests, there’s nothing better than a well-made beverage with local ties (we don’t want any Budweiser or Guinness here). Here in the IE, we take pride in what makes us equal competitors. We have a handful of amazing, personally-owned breweries on their way to attaining beer fame—but none of them are as famous or as universally loved as Hangar 24.

Hangar 24 just recently got back from Denver, Colorado where the world’s largest beer competition took place. With 50,000 people in attendance, it’s by far the most exciting event for beer aficionados with 4,809 beers tested in 89 different categories. When brewery representatives returned from the competition, they came back with Hangar 24′s first Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal in the Specialty Beer category for its winter beer, “Warmer.” Let your mouth water at thought of tasting this delicious brew:

image002“This rich, strong ale neatly balances caramel malts and spices, providing warmth on a cool winter day. Every fall, brewers trek up the San Bernardino Mountains to harvest fresh spruce, then carefully add just the right amount of cinnamon and maple syrup to create their winter Warmer. It’s a lightly hopped, tantalizing ale with festive notes of maple, spruce and spice; a nice complement to a cooler time of year. The beer was first produced in December of 2009 and the response was so good that Hangar 24 decided to add it to its Local Fields Series and brew it every winter.”

Don’t get too excited (or do!) because this award-winning brew will soon be available in California and Nevada on November 29. Ditch the whole, wait-outside-of-retailers-for-discounts thing and visit Hangar 24 for an early morning brew instead.


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