Framily Thanksgiving: New Perspectives on a Conventional Holiday

By Victoria Banegas

Posted November 28, 2013 in Web Only
_MG_4577Never did I plan on making a Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of strangers, and I have to admit I was rather nervous and slightly stressed about the ordeal. I spent the whole morning and a good part of the afternoon prepping and cooking food for that night’s feast. Thankfully, I had my mom to guide me through the process; otherwise I doubt the food would’ve been as great. Our dinner was set to take place at 6 p.m., so around 5 p.m. I sat and waited, with the turkey and stuffing resting in the oven to keep warm. 6pm came and no one had arrived, I was tired and hungry, and loathing the fact that I was scheduled to work graveyard that night, 10pm-3am, giving us only a few hours to eat and clean up. This I think is what made me most nervous, having to tell my colleagues they have to leave around 9 p.m. so I can get ready for work.
It was 6:30 p.m. when my doorbell rang. The intern, Derek, had arrived with a lovely girl named Amber, who wore big round glasses and the hottest pair of red pumps and they both looked great. Initially, I thought our interaction was going to be awkward. However, they were extremely friendly and talkative, a great combination for my chatty self.
After offering them a drink we sat and watched The Walking Dead while waiting for the remainder of our party to show up.  Time seemed to drag on forever. But around 7 p.m. another intern, Kim, showed up. I was happy to see her all bundled up in a sweater and scarf, camera at the ready to shoot the festivities for the night.

With our forth-party member in attendance, we decided to play a game called Battle of the Sexes trivia! We were so excited until question after question was asked and no one came up with the answers. Feeling defeated by the difficulty of the game, we decided to take photos of what we were doing. The Netflix selection had then changed from The Walking Dead to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, in which case we photographed the T.V. screen as documentation of our awesome night.
It was almost 8 o’clock and I was getting increasingly hungry and our last intern had not arrived. This made me anxious, not to say I wasn’t enjoying myself, because I realized my late night shift was still calling my name and it suddenly killed my mood. My doorbell rang. “FINALLY!” I thought, Dulce had arrived along with her boyfriend David. We sat for a minute when they came in and talked to each other when Derek said we should take a “family” photo with the Turkey. Unanimously agreeing to this idea, we placed the turkey on the table with a few decorations and set up a tripod. After someone made the comment this was an “awkward” thanksgiving we decided to incorporate this in our photograph. Gathering 6 paper plates we split up the letters in the word “awkward” and used this as signage in our family photo. I’m not going to lie, it took us longer than it should have to decide how we should split up the letters and who would get what letter.

After successfully taking our “family” portrait, we went straight to work on dinner, savagely chowing down. While we ate, I couldn’t help but ask my interns for help in concocting an alibi as to why I couldn’t show up for work. I ended up calling my boss and telling him that I was stuck in Corona because my car battery had died, and I had to wait for my dad to come to my rescue. It worked! Relieved about not having to go in to work, I had another problem waiting for me at the table when I came back from making my phone call. Our Turkey had sprouted a leak and I knew I should’ve removed the juices from the turkey pan before bringing it to the table. Frantically we scrambled to remove all of the dishes and decoration from the table while strategically carrying the dripping turkey to the kitchen sink. Dinner had officially ended after this so we decided to place an apple pie in the oven and take another stab at Battle of the Sexes. Pulp Fiction was still playing, and somehow we were perplexed at the fact the movie was still on. We played one or two games and the girls’ team won.


The oven beeped, the apple pie was ready! When I took it out, it was soft and gushy, “Uhh… I think it’s old!” I yelled out from the kitchen and Derek came to check it out. “Just serve it,” he said. Skeptically, I cut the pie and served it on four separate plates and it legitimately looked like cheese pizza, that’s how f*cked up it was. Derek was super stoked about this for some reason and decided to text a picture of it to a friend who was a food scientist. I told him that it was probably just old because that’s how the pie looked at Denny’s when it got old. Regardless of how old it was we ate it and it was delicious. The mushiness did not really affect the pie at all, besides making it look like cheese pizza.
Pulp Fiction was now about to end, Jules and Vincent, adorned in borrowed gym clothes walk out of a diner shoving their guns in their pants while “Surf Rider” by The Lonely Ones played. The credits rolled as we spent a few minutes reading the remainder of trivia cards from the game and chatting. We all became sleepy from the amount of food we ate and after deciding to call it a night, we all agreed we should meet up again.

Being rather shy and socially awkward at times, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt around my fellow interns. It was as if they were my long lost siblings who I had finally been reunited with. It’s strange how much being connected by one thing in life, can make a world of difference with your first impression of people. I can truly say that our Thanksgiving celebration was the best I’ve had in years and I loved the unconventionality of it. It gave me something to truly be thankful for this year.


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