IE’s Best Kept Hip-Hop Secret

By Kimberly Johnson

Posted November 27, 2013 in Web Only
audio-push-caya-tourThere are few groups from the Inland Empire that have received the opportunity to gain airplay on nationally syndicated networks like MTV or BET. There are even fewer who have been spoken of in the pages of magazines considered hip-hop doctrines such as XXL and The Source. And let it be known, there is only one who has garnered an archive of songs that feature collaborations with Lil Wayne (2013’s “Space Jam”), Juicy J (2013’s “T.U.”) and Wale (2013’s “Anything Goes) during their career— just one.

It would seem the members of hip-hop duo Audio Push have hit the lottery with their decorated list of accomplishments. It is no taboo subject or hidden secret that the likelihood of reaching these levels of success decrease the further your area code falls from 310, 818 or any major city. However, it is that Inland Empire pride that has continued to keep these guys held in high regard as hip hop’s fresh faces to watch.

Price, a Rialto native, and Oktane, hailing from Colton, first appeared on the major market as teens in 2009. That year, they signed to Interscope Records and released their viral hit single, “Teach me How to Jerk,” which jump started their career and catapulted a dance craze. Since then, the group has released a handful of singles including 2010’s more R&B-esque, “Up n Down,” and 2012’s “Wassup.”

To be fair to the group’s talents—as a listener who has followed their progression since the early days of red skinny jeans and lunchtime “jerk sessions”—I do feel they have finally arrived at their niche. I believe with a bit of exploration and creative freedom, they have finally compiled a body of work that highlights what they truly have to offer. In early 2013, the group signed to fellow IE native Hitboy’s Hits Since ’87 (HS87) record label. With HS87 behind them, the group released their 8th mixtape, Come as You Are, on Sept. 9.

As a bridge, discussing the group’s transition from their earlier music styles, and a platform, showcasing the Push’s growth in delivery and lyricism, this mixtape absolutely excels. It is apparent they are settling in to their identities on the hip-hop circuit and capitalizing on their newly publicized abilities.

2013 has proven to be quite the lucrative year for the team. They have solidified a longstanding relationship with Grammy-nominated, Fontana-native, Hit Boy, have dropped a mixtape that regenerated their image and will be embarking on a seven city tour beginning in Oakland, CA and ending in New York, NY.

The group will be celebrating not only their success but also Price’s birthday during their Friday, Nov. 29 show at The Roxy in LA. See below for show and ticket information and be sure to come prepared to sing a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Audio Push at The Roxy, 90009 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 274-9457; Fri, Nov. 29. 8pm. $14-$16.


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