By Zachariah Weaver

Posted November 21, 2013 in Web Only
Skin Town 1The R&B-licious new album, The Room by the LA-duo band, Skin Town, is a release to die for. It’s smooth, it’s groovy and it gets right down to business. Vocalist Grace Hall and part-time Zola Jesus keyboardist Nick Turco give the music world a droopy, feel-good twist on traditional R&B and Indie alternative skins.

The second track, “Slidin’” begins with a strange Far East vibe instrument that soon gets taken over by a slow hip-hop-like, 808 beat. Somewhere between a Michael Jackson experience and the indie-electro pop sensation Washed Out, Skin Town’s “Slidin’” comes bursting through with an emotional grasp on any first time listener. Although they use a ton of samples, in all the right places, this song gives the album its organic credibility, its originality.

Moving on down to track eight—“Midnight Lover” is a song that you need to just turn on late at night while you drive through the city, maybe downtown Riverside or Pomona. This song deserves some rolled-down windows and an incense burning as you cruise between the buildings. The slight rapping going on hits the sweet spot for the album because of the long, drastic dream-pop vocals mesmerizing the limp groove throughout all the other songs. “Midnight Lover” is the perfect call for those dear to come back and a great way for Skin Town to bring the listener around for a focused album.

Although Skin Town has come out with an amazing record, the song that has really put them over the edge, the song that has given them their new starlight, is “2Nite.” It has everything I’ve described about their other big songs, plus more. The 808 beat and the dreamy vocals all bunched together on a track that brings the Justin Timberlake out of Skin Town is how I would describe their first debut track, “2Nite.”

Skin Town 2

As soon as the tune is over, you immediately want to press play on it again and hope with all your might, it doesn’t end. The best part about it is that you hear a little harmony on the verse, which is sometimes absent in all the other tracks throughout the album. “2Nite” if I were to make a selection, is the track that explains it all for Skin Towm. Groovy, modern and straight to the point with their R&B, Indie-electro pop, and I for one am in love with it.

Make sure to head over to iTunes to purchase their album and catch them live to celebrate their record release Nov. 20 at the Lash and they play Nov. 29 at the Echo.


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