IEW PhotoBomb: Empire Tattoo Studio’s 2nd Annual Art Show

By PhotoBombers Derek Obregon and Kimberly Johnson

Posted November 4, 2013 in Web Only
Two days following All Hallows Eve, the Empire Tattoo Studio in Fontana saw some new dark decor. If you were among the masses last year, then you already know these guys see the beauty in the phrase “the more the merrier.” Inside, visitors got a chance to mingle among the artists and check out works from Ramon Rendon, Shawn Warcott, Ben Ochoa, Katie Bradburn and many more. (It’s worth noting that exhibiting works from each of the shops in-house tattoo artists was a top notch choice on Empire’s part).

These talented artists have worked long and hard to bring a collection of pieces that not only depict their perception of the essence of death, but also captivate the art community by bringing a contemporary art exhibit to an unconventional location.


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